Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9th, Peter the Mexican Crested!

We've had a bit of drama around home lately-  no one likes emergency room visits and especially not the night before your birthday, but that's where my mom and I spent the eve last night-  so there's that rule that life always throws at you, when you least expect it, and so I am needing to limit a few things here and there but hopefully it won't affect my painting these dogs too much because I kinda need to do this for MY mental health!
SO I picked this dog because I absolutely LOVED that whole demeanor!  And he sounds just like he looks!  This is Peter, and here is what his owner, Candy, has to say about him~
8x8 acrylic on panel, $170 click HERE to purchase!
He is, obviously, a Chinese Crested. He is a whooping 7 pound boy. I adopted him through Crest-Care Chinese Crested rescue, but he is actually a re-home from a family that had a few too many dogs. He was the "trouble maker" so he was one who had to find another place to live. When he first came in he was afraid of anything outside the house. His behavior though was typical of an unsocialized dog - definitely not an abused dog. Now that he has had a lot of experiences he has decided he is a social butterfly. When we are out walking, especially around campgrounds, he wants to stop and meet everyone he can see. They don't have to be nearby - if he can see them he wants to "talk" with them. He walks over to folks, stops and stares at them. If they don't greet him and fuss over him, he will stand and grunt until he gets some attention. At home - his two favorite past-times are sitting in the chair with Dad while listening to the TV and watching the street so he can warn off all the invaders - an invader being anything moving that is within his site. He definitely envisions himself as the big dog in charge - he just happens to be in a very small body.

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