Thursday, October 31, 2013

And it's the LAST DAY of OCTOBER!!! OTTER!!!

Yes, I was hoping for something a bit more spectacular, and I am working on a large couple of otters (as well as bears and moose and landscapes) that you will soon be able to see at Rye!
Hope you've had a lovely Hallow's Eve~  blessings on you and yours for all Saint's Day!
oh and yea there is an auction for this fella~ HERE!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Otter Blue!

I DO love seeing crazy colors in animals' faces-  I mean, not totally-out-there-wacko-insane-horrid colors, but those crazy bits that when you look closely and concentrate, you can ACTUALLY see them!
And this is from a photo I found on Flikr in the Creative Commons by Michal Malz~  thanks for taking it!
 You can go HERE to bid on this lovely face, or to just buy it outright if you love it like I do!

And I thought I'd include a book I remember reading as a youth, that I just went and ordered on Amazon because it is one of the few book series I remember that included an otter as a central character!  I don't remember much else, but I know I lugged thosed books around for years-  I'll let you know if they're worth rereading!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today, is another....

Sorry-  I couldn't quite get to an otter tonight-  I am experiencing one of those lovely, snotty, moist, scratchy colds of the season, and shall be going to bed after Duane and I finish watching this PBS thing about "War Of the Worlds" so here is a sweet little blue mug for your viewing pleasure~
Which, if you are inclined, could join your collection of otters by bidding here!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Otterly Meal

I had so much fun with this one!  I think it is the cunning look in his sweet little eye, and the different shades of blue I got to use to suggest the shine on his head, and the movement of the water around him in splashes of white and green!
I may try this one bigger!

Oh and I LOVE his whiskers too!  I am very happy with how they turned out!  And YOU can enjoy them yourself!  Click here to BID or to BUY NOW!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Otterly Relaxed...

Ah~  the backfloat~
Yup~  I'm working on my own relaxing this weekend... I had a root canal Friday morning, to settle a pain that had me in a wringer all week long... I literally couldn't think straight, and it was difficult to hold my cool with my middle school students who are actually incredibly kind people but who are also capable of large amounts of noise and pandemonium.  SO one thing lead to another and I was able to get in Friday morning, after the throbbing of my tooth at 3 in the morning made me realize this was something serious.  I have a fairly high pain threshhold I've been told, and so if I experience such pain that I am afraid I will pass out, I take it seriously.  Wow.  And once the tooth was numb, the pain was gone-
I also went to the chiropractor on Friday afternoon, something my husband has been trying to get me to do since I fell down the stairs, because he has been concerned about my alignment.  I hate the "crack" of going, but do trust in the wisdom of our chiropractor- and he has that uncanny Sherlock Holmes way of knowing where I hurt and how to move something over to make it feel better, and the bit that totally threw me for a loop was that he said I am still holding the trauma of the fall with me.  He was dead right.  I have been feeling ashamed and fearful, thinking back and trying to remember exactly what happened as if I could take it back.  That is making me tighten up, clench my teeth, kink all these bits I'm trying to loosen up.  When he said that to me, I immediately teared up, feeling the truth in my bones.  He suggested I revision the accident, with me landing on pillows at the bottom of the stairs, held by my loved ones, supported on the way down.  I am trying to do that.  It is really difficult.

Anyway, thanks for listening-
I may need to do some art about it.

At any rate, you can hook this fella for a bid here!  You can also buy him outright for $65 if you like~
6x6 acrylic on panel

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday's Otter! October is ending SOON!

Wahoo!  I really like this one-  the negative space around his toes held in his paw are deliciously curvy!  And the green water tones are translucent and layered~  it's great when one turns out that I like this well!
Running out of time, so get your bids in QUICK!  Auction link is HERE!
6x6 acrylic on panel!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Otterly Lovely Profile...

Doesn't this one look like some deep thinking is going on?  Lovely eyes, too-  Dang, it really is good for me to do these projects, painting every day, because then I get to really itching to paint!  It can be so bad that I'll be crabby unless I can lay some paint down every day~  it is a great thing that the people I am closest too understand and support this habit of mine-  of course, it does pay for the food and wine and occasional crazy buys like the bathtime pirate set I had to get for Max today...  the nice thing is, when I am needing to paint I only have to remind him that he'd have no legos if mommy can't paint and he is all in for me to have my space!
I am a lucky, lucky woman!

And you can bid or BUY here!  6x6 acrylic on panel, $65 to buy now, or $25 starting bids!  Support Max's lego habit!  buy an otter!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Otter Ballet~

It just occurred to me to look through some images on-line that were  free to use on Creative Commons, and I found a pile of awesome otter images!  I am also working on a couple larger otters to hang at Rye sometime in November with a new series of MINNESOTA images, being landscapes, otters, frogs, toads, and MOOSE.  Or is it Mooses?  Moosi?
And you'll love to know I am sitting here, watching "Young Doctor Frankenstein" as I paint...

You can bid on this sweet dancer of an otter HERE!  First bid $25, 6x6 acrylic on panel!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SEA instead of RIVER again...

A bit dodgy, this one, ay~

he's a floatin and apreenin' and a being a bit of an orrdinary otterishly fella!

Maybe you like that wizzenly beard and that winkin eye...
Auction can be found HERE!  6x6 acyrlic on panel

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Now a River Otter!

I had one of those brain fights painting this one, as in "What color am I really seeing here?  And how do I make it!"  You know what I mean.  Or maybe you don't, but as you look at this, see if you can identify how many shades of blue/purple/grey there are...  And OH so much FUN!!!!
I also really loved the feet on this one- I swear, I need to do some close-ups of otter feet-
See that lovely, powerful, webbed foot?  Doncha just LOVE them?

And he can be YOURS if you want to jump on the auction here!  6x6 acrylic on panel!

Monday, October 21, 2013

This is still otterly fascinating to me!

Yes, I do love these critters!  Did you ever read "Tarka the Otter" or watch the movie?  First published in 1979, I fell in love with the pen and ink illustrations of Tarka, though I think the story itself was too detailed and slow for my preadolescent yen for adventure...
SO here is a pair for you today, of sea otters-- I am glad I didn't say I was only going to paint RIVER otters!
Did you know a female otter is known as a QUEEN?  and a male is a MEAOWT?  At least, I think that's how you write the male's name... I was more interested in the female~

And you can bid on this sweet pair HERE!  Or buy it now!  6x6 Acrylic on Panel~

Oh and I am starting another session of Painting Lessons this coming Saturday, Oct 26th, from 9:30-noon!  Let me know if you are interested!  There are only a couple spots left!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

YES!!!! i heart sundays...

I found this somewhat blurry photo on the internet and was able to lighten it up a bit with i-photo.... and after watching "Saving Otter 501" last night I am so SO much more in love with otters.  For me it has to do with that incredible sense of play!  It is something I've had my entire life, and fought against thinking I needed to be more SERIOUS-  more practical, more sensible...
But NO!!!!
I CAN be OTTERLY silly at times!
And I have to admit, I am incredibly fortunate to be supported in all manners of silliness by my incredible pack of glorious beings I call FRIENDS!!!
I love brunches, and I love having people over, and this was an excellent one-

So this guy is available HERE for auction!  6x6 acrylic on panel~

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I OTTERLY love this one!!!!

Wahoo!  Yes!  Hee!
Okay, so I've been trying to watch "Saving Otter 501" online and found some more pics and i just couldn't resist the face on this one!  I'll have to write for permission now...  There is a big difference between the physical characteristics of river otters and sea otters, but I think my heart is big enough to love them both...

I am just very pleased with the greys on the wet coat, and the body posture and the sweet, fuzzy tufty wetness of her face!
And she can be yours!  Bid for her here!  6x6 acrylic on panel!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wow, October is a tough month!

It seems this is the month when everything tries to catch up on itself and falls all over miserably...  ack!  I am still looking through lots of otter photos to find the best to paint, still like Jiri Bohdral's the best, and I wasn't able to catch "Saving Otter 501" on PBS yet, about the 501st baby sea otter found in California to be saved and taught to live free and in the wild...
It is amazing how looking closer at something shows you how much more there is to know!
And yes, here is another frog...
And his auction is here!  Starting bid at $25!  Which is what a lot of these are selling at!  Getcherself a FROG!!!

And thanks for the comments on the landscapes from yesterday-  there are more on my easel I'm working on-  and they are mostly 16x20, about $400 each, meant for Rye so I can replace my Irish Series with a new set soon!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

From Sunday's Drive...

Driving around Rosemount after church last sunday, dad took us on one of his famous "short cuts" to show us the site of the old Corrigan family homestead.  What I really loved was realizing that I was seeing the landscape fresh.  I grew up in the area, hung around, drove around, lived there.  But this time, it felt a bit newer, a bit like site-seeing, a bit like being in Ireland and England, taking photos of every last little bit of everything different....

Last night's TOAD!!!!

Yes, I'll be doing two posts today-  I was just outa sorts last night, somehow... kinda off, if you know what I mean.  My Painting Lessons class was delightful, as usual, though we were short two wonderful students, which meant we were more quiet than usual... I have included their work this time in this post, because I was impressed!  It is so fun, but for some reason my communication skills felt less than sparkling last night...
So I didn't post then-  but I'll try posting TWICE today!!!
So here is my red-cheeked toad, this time in my own hand... such tricky tones!  You can bid here, with the auction starting at $25!

And HERE are my wonderful student works from last night!

The assignment was to paint from a photograph, using our limited pallet  and looking at darks and lights and mixing up those wily greys!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Are there an OTTER LIMITS?

Wait, I don't think that came out quite right-  I meant, like have I reached the OTTER limits?  Do you get it?
I had to do this one kinda quick, cuz my sis is in town from Australia and we are going to see Hugh Laurie at the Pantages tonight and Duane gets to put Maxie to bed!  Yay!
I just love their little satisfied faces!  Wouldn't you be too, if you only had to roll around and eat the occasional crustacean?
And these guys all seem to be getting bid on-  I can't tell who til the auction is over!  Take a chance and get yerself some original art!
"SchaWOOP"s auction link is HERE!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Okay, this one is an 8x8, painted from a Pinterest site sent to me, and I tried to find the photographer but had no luck~
I really REALLY liked this one, and I want to try it BIGGER!
It truly shows that acrobatic flexibility that I adore in the otterly world...

Auction is on-line HERE!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday is TOADally Awesome!!!

Alright-  I know-  but if I'm trying to come up with puns for otters, I may as well do it with toads too!
So my sis is in town from Australia and Max and I went down to the folk's house last night for a sleepover and spent today mostly running around doing family things, which was absolutely fantastic!  We went along to church this morning and Max had a great time in Sunday school, made a bunch of new friends who he insisted on visiting and running with while we waited in line for the pancake breakfast afterward-  I love how he so easily likes people, and genuinely wants to be with people-  I hope that stays!
And my sis, who is the one who is always wanting to know more about family history and all, had us all go to an Apple orchard on the way down to Farmington (where I was born) and after that we went on a drive around the area, which is Rosemount, MN, and the Dakota County area that the Uof M now owns but was once owned largely by my father's father and brothers before the 1940's and the war.  We took a ton of photos, so I am giving you fair warning that some of these paintings coming up may NOT be of animals at all!
Just letting you know...
And yes, this is another small toad, held by Max, I think still from the shots I took at Joe's birthday party!
Auction link here-  someone seems to be liking the toads!  They are getting bid on!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Otterly Webby!

Here is another selection from Jiri Bohdal's website!  In this day and age with such a wide visual world available, I still prefer to ask permission....
Thanks Jiri!

And I may go back into this one on the feet-  I LOVE the muscular webbed look of those front paws...
And I am also very pleased with the face of this fellow... as well as the fun sheen on his fur with all the blue!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday is a Toad.

Dang.  Man.  I do have to admit I am liking the amphibians...  it just feels strange to be painting them in October though...  They just don't signal "Autumnal Equinox" at all.  Wrong flavor, I guess.  I still like them though...
Had trouble with the background on this one-  I wanted it to be simple and unobtrusive, and I'm not sure I succeeded...
Auction link is here!  Take a look at what else is for sale!  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment!  Buy something!  Make me feel better!
6x6 acrylic on panel!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yes, another frog...

Wow.  I gotta say, this is a lot tougher during a month of so much other stuff going on-  I don't want to apologize for this one, because I really like it, even though I'm not sure it's quite finished...
but he just had these juicy jewel tone reflections as he lay there on the damp bottom of the cardboard box...

To bid for him, !  click here!!!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

AnOTTER Toad...

...just finished this one-  Max found it at the zoo last week!  Right out front, poor chilly little guy... I hope he's tucked into the mud soon!

I am so loving these critters!  Here's the link for this one's auction!  Go ahead and BID!  Get an early Christmas present!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Took me a while to think of THAT one!  This is a European River Otter-  Ever read "A Ring Of Bright Water" by Gavin Maxwell?  There was a movie made that I saw as a kid and still remember the awe of watching these critters run and play with Gavin, and the horror of ...oh I shouldn't ruin it for you!  Its a wonderful book, kinda crazy-  read the Wikipedia link...

And YEAH!  These have been getting bidded on!  Go here to bid on this one!  Actions start at $25!  You might be lucky enough (like  MICHELLE!  Who got my favortite FROG for $25!!!) to be the only one bidding!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday- YES! Permission granted!

I have had a hard time finding photos of otters underwater, which is what I REALLY want to paint!  So if you've taken any while at the MN zoo (where we have otters in the MN wing and in the Russian wing!) SEND THEM TO ME!!!!
After getting some beautiful images sent to me on Pinterest (thanks Rose Red!) I sent an e-mail asking photographer Jiri Bohdal for permission to use some of his images as reference for my otters and he gave it!  Here is a link to his site, which is FULL of beautiful animal images, all of which you can purchase on-line!  And just LOOK at his list of all the critters he's snapped!

So I like this one~

He's kinda got that lovely goofy charming playful otter face going...  though I do want to try this again, maybe bigger....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wahoo! 'Nother Otter!

This  is from one of my own photos, of the river otters in the Minnesota exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo~  I love watching them swoop and dive and play!  Really terrible photos, but I can still see some detail-  this guy is just below the surface, breaking the surface of the water-

And you can click here to bid on the auction!  Starting at $25~

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday October 5th! OTTER ATTEMPT #1

Okay folks-  here we go-  Sue Chaplain had these pics on her website, "Backyard Biology", taken by Debbie Reynolds, and sent to me on Pinterest by Red Rose!  GOD I LOVE the internet!  And Sue gave me permission to use these, though I haven't spoken to Debbie....

From the MN River Valley!

This one is 8x8, Golden acrylic on black gessoed panel~  I think it worked... he's got kinda an otter-ish gleam in his eye...

And his auction is HERE!  Starting bid is $25~

Friday, October 4, 2013

Yeah, sorry... been busy- its anoh=ther frog,....

Okay the photo is a bit blurry-  conferences all day, friend's art opening ( YOU ROCK MICHELLE!), home, let the kid watch too much "64 Zoo Lane" and this is what I am capable of....

Yes.  Another frog.

I am NOT doing this as a teaser.

I really REALLY want to paint OTTERS.

If you want to buy this click HERE~

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another TOAD! Otters TOMORROW!

Max and I went to the MN zoo today and the first thing we saw was a TOAD!!!!  Not this exact one... but a TOAD!  And I took pics of the otters in the tropics- so we WILL have otters tomorrow!  And I have had a number of lovely otter pics sent to me too!  So YAY!
 We had limited time and spent a good chunk of it in the aquarium area, mostly deserted which was great so we both got to pet the sting rays and the nurse sharks!  Totally different textures, by the way-  stingrays are squishy and soft and sharks are tough and scratchy...

And toads are LUMPY.

And you can have this toad for your very own!  Click here to join the auction!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tuesday is PEAR day!

Okay~  this is an OTHER.
My demo from class tonight~

Poor, lonely pear...

And it can be YOURS if you want to bid HERE!
The auction starts at $25 and you have a week~

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Maybe an Otter tomorrow!  Lisa just sent me some great pics!
So here is one of Max's many frogs he caught on Sunday's expedition with Rosemary to Big Marine Lake!
Thanks Rosemary!
And I'm posting him in DailyPaintworks for sale!  Check out his auction HERE-  8x8 acrylic on panel, usually sells for $95-  maybe you can get him for $30!

One more time!  You can go HERE to bid for him NOW!  and maybe get this lovely, glistening, fresh frog for less than usual!  Wahoo!