Kat's Official Material List with Descriptions!

Paint Love Materials List, 2022

Strongly Suggested Materials (provided with "Materials Incl")

-Wood panels, 6x6  (times 20-25  and some larger as well (8x8, 10x10))

-Black gesso

-Masterson’s Handy Sta-Wet Pallet

~BRUSHES-Royal Soft Grip -Brights, size 6, 8, 10

~Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint- in these colors...

~quinacridone magenta 

~primary yellow
~pthalo blue- red shade  
~pthalo blue- green shade 
~titanium white 

Materials that are helpful or you may want to purchase later...

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap (to clean brushes)
  • Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid
  • GAC (for priming panels)
  • water based varnish
  • Paper towels
  • Viewfinder (handmade is fine)
  • Easel

and this is a more detailed explanation of our materials...

Kat Corrigan- Materials List
katjojo@hotmail.com/ www.katcorrigan.com/ www.katcorrigan.blogspot.com

Using quality materials makes the work itself better. Acrylic can be painted onto just about any surface- I prefer panels/wood because canvas can be punctured and torn, and I love the smooth surface of panel. Experiment and see what you like!

Panel Sources-
You can buy sheets of masonite/hardboard at Home Depot and cut them yourself to whatever size/dimension you prefer.
www.dickblick.com- Ampersand Gessoed Hardboards, plain hardboads, American Easel, among others

Drawing Materials~ I like to draw my subject in graphite on black before I paint it. Drawing well and planning out my work as I draw is the foundation of my painting. I use woodless pencils, essentially a stick of graphite, and I prefer the softer leads, 4B, 6B, 8B. H means “hardness” and B means “Black”, so the harder H pencils give you a lighter line, and the softer Bs give you a deeper dark. The graphite shows silver on my black panels and I often leave parts of the sketch showing after I paint.

I prefer Golden Heavy Body Acrylics because they are smooth and thick and the color is strong. The blues have been proven to last longer than other acrylic blue pigments.

~quinacridone magenta 
~primary yellow
 or Hansa Yellow
~pthalo blue- red shade 
~pthalo blue- green shade 
~titanium white

My Palette~
I discovered Masterston’s Sta-Wet Handy Palette a number of years ago and can’t remember who to give credit to now, but it has been the greatest tool for me! The sponge keeps the paper moist, and the paper keeps the acrylics moist, and the lid keeps it all together- I have several small (7.5x9 -ish) ones that I keep in the different places I paint at (studio, home, school). These are not expensive, keep the paint fresh, the paper lasts forever (I’ve had sheets last for as long as a year) and I’ve had paint stay useable for up to a month. The biggest benefit is that the paint is ready when you are!

I use mostly BRIGHTS with some flats and rounds. Brights give me a sharp edge I greatly enjoy, but do try a few out because every brush feels different. Some of my favorites are inexpensive synthetic student quality brushes. Mine last several months, and I may use three sizes (or more!) on one painting~ I admit I am not the best at taking care of mine- 
here are some of my favorites~ BE AWARE SIZES CHANGE WITH BRAND
~Liquitex Freestyle, 6-12
~Royal Soft Grip (student), 6-10
~White Sable by Robert Simmons, 6-10
~Langnickle Snowhite (student), 6-12
~Princeton SNAP! short handled small student brushes

Washing Brushes~
~Old Master’s Brush Cleaner (what I always use- keep it under the sink in my kitchen)~Murphy’s Oil SoapRub your bristles into the
soap and get some bubbles going- rinse well in lukewarm water. Hot water can cause the ferrule to loosen the bristles~ Also do rinse and wipe out your water pots fairly often- the residue in the bottom of the water cups can smell rotten, and it isn’t cleaning your brushes well if you swirl them around in that...

A medium is an additional liquid added to your paint to make is dry slower or faster,
or to add an additional gloss or texture to the paint. I use a basic glazing medium to extend my drying time.

 A RETARDER will extend your dry time, and a FLOW RELEASE will increase color and blendability, and there are many more gels that can be added to acrylic paint to alter texture and consistency.
GOLDEN Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Gloss) is what I LOVE! I usually just squeeze a little out over the top of my freshly squeezed color and allow it to mix in as I use the paint.

I do varnish occasionally, and when I do I usually use a satin varnish. These dry quickly and give an added layer of protection against scratching and UV light, but I do love to let the matte appearance of the black gesso and the silver shine of my pencil marks stand on their own so I don’t always varnish. Acrylic paint is plastic and dries waterproof, so glass and varnish are not necessary for protection. A damp cloth can wipe most dust away.

Gesso and GAC
To prepare your wood surfaces, you want to first brush a layer of GAC and then lay down black gesso once it's dry.  I prefer Golden Gesso, but any kind is just fine.

You'll also want a water container and paper towels!  Rags are fine too!

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