Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Nov27!

So, this is a Shiba Inu from the Home for Life dog walk at the Mall of America last sunday~  been a busy weekend, as holidays often are and this was my first chance to paint in three days!  So I apologize to all my clients waiting patiently for their masterpieces to materialize, but for my paint to flow well and naturally I have to exercise my creative visions as often and as whimsically as I wish.  And I really wanted to play with the multiple shadows below this spry dog, belted into his beautiful blue jacket, held by the shadow arm with the leash.  It was fun! 

And you can bid on it at Daily Paintworks too! Click HERE for the auction page!
It'll be dry by the time I need to mail it to you~

Thursday, November 24, 2011

WedOOPS Thanksgiving DAY!

Yes, I got a lot done last night, painted a couple groundhogs for our "Dreams of Winter" Show, as I felt the lacking of any rodents would be quite telling, and also they deserve representation as the ambassadors of our wedding...  and started on a larger piece for a commission.  I also spent last sunday early morning at the MOA (where I very rarely set foot, but the hours were perfect and the crowd- both canine and homosapiens-  were wonderful!)  as the entertainment/live artist for the Home For Life Dog Walk!  It was much more fun than I'd expected, and the couple whose dog is in this painting sought me out to purchase it from me, unfinished!  I got to paint quickly and large for two hours straight!  What a dream!  Got to do that more often-  let me know if you need an artist to come over and paint live at your event!
Oh and the groundhogs will be at the Heart of the Beast for the durtation of the Dreams of Winter Exhibition, and will be for sale!  If you LOVE them and want them, you can certainly let me know and I can mark them sold before they even go up!
Personally, I crack up when I see them...
What a silly animal~

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Nov 20

So, first snowfall reads significantly different on the "excitement" meter for a 2.5 year old than it does for his aging parents....
Max was so excited yesterday, he had to step in and touch every bit of snow he could find on our excursions, while I was overly aware of the fact that rain had preceded the white stuff and that equals ICE and I have this horrible fear of sliding and slamming into something.  Perhaps brought on by childbirth and the diminishment of my testosterone...  which incidentally also presaged the selling of my motorcycle, if you were wondering.
ANYWAY, we had a lovely walk this evening, me on the sidewalk, Max across everyone's lawns to leave tracks and here is the dog of the evening, for auction, as is, starting at the incredible lax fee of $30,  which is downright silly but SUCH a sweet face!  As promised or maybe just suggested, the Jax, who I now realize is actually JAZZ!  So, for a shot to help send my child to college, and maybe I'm just being melancholy, you can bid on him here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday! November 16~ Give to the Max Day!

but not necessarily to my Max... he's got plenty of stuff already!
So here is a commission of Jax, a very cute and little dog, who likes dry white wines and cozy nights by the fire while the snow blankets the ground~  Really.  No, see, I painted this pup a bit too close-up at first, and my collector really wanted to emphasize Jax's sweet petite perspective, so I gave it another shot.  I've honestly never painted a wine glass before.   I like his intense gaze towards the empty glass, as if he is attempting mind control...  "fill my glass....fill  my   glass....."
Still think I need a bit more practice...  but Jax's original painting MAY be this sunday's auction....  stay tuned!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Nov 13

Busy busy weekend!  Man, but fun too~  though I was a terrible mom yesterday and let Max eat 3 small bags of oreo/holiday cookies at the Barton Open School sale, and wow that stuff REALLY does affect a kid!  I felt really bad because it was clear that he didn't have control over his emotions or his energy and he had to run and run and scream it all out~  and THEN I came home with balloons, from the 5th Annual Art Boutique (thanks Jay!) and he went NUTS~
But I am sure you don't want to hear that much about that....  so here is yet another painting, and I'll be setting it up on Daily Paintworks too for an auction!   This was a sweet little heartstealing puppy at the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club Fall Bazaar I sat at all day Saturday~  I'm hoping to get a couple commissions from it, because unfortunately I didn't sell much.  But the dogs were SO fun to see!  And I saw this pup out in the parking lot and his owner and he were pretty constantly surrounded by ooooooing and aaahhhing people, wanting to pet him and remark on him.  He really was a great little, outgoing, unafraid little beast!
So click here to join in the auction and have him for your very own!  Your friends will all be jealous~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday~ Nov 9, 2011

I can't believe it's almost 2012.... SO weird... I'm sitting here watching "Back to the Future", with all its inherent 80sness...  I think what I love most is the concept of the fluidity of time, and that things can change.  But also that those small details DO matter.
SO here are a couple commissions...
Details, baby, details....

And you can find me active this weekend at the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club on Saturday from 9-2 with paintings and cards and prints and books!  And also at the 5th Annual Art Boutique at 4901 11th Ave S!  See the flyer!
thank you!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday morning... Oops...

Sorry folks!  Here's the post from last night, kinda a re-post really, since I want to put a piece up on the auction at DPW and here is one!
I am working on a few new winter scenes from my collection of Pine City photos from last February (since we FORTUNATELY don't have snow yet!) and will put those up soon too!  What with Daylight Savings and the youngest sister being in town (from Beirut, where she works a big job! silly girl) and having family gatherings and Duane being gone all weekend to work on the set for "Winter Dreams" at Heart of the Beast (have you ever taken a 2 3/4 years old to Anthropologie and thought you could try clothes on? Ha!) so all in all it was a WAY busy weekend!  I did manage to collect a lovely pile of art to hang at Diamond's this weekend after we have Duane's Closing Party this Friday (6-8!) so stay tuned!
Click here if you'd like to get in on the auction for little Dudley here...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wed Nov 2

It is "All Soul's Day" in the Catholic Tradition, and I am fortunate to have more than a few souls to think of whom I know thought kindly of me while they were alive, and I hope are still thinking kindly of me now...  as I think of them~

And speaking of souls, I don't think I have ever really doubted that animals have them.  We went to see Cavalia this past weekend, the Circe De Soleil Show with all horses, Duane and Max and me, and both Duane and I were amazed at how the sudden appearance of a group of herbivorous quadrupeds could bring us both to tears.  I mean, WOW~  I had tears streaming down my face for the good first half of the show.  Like those tears of awe that you get sometimes, when you are just struck thoughtless by a sight, or a sound.  I have to admit that I have these occurrences a lot more since Max came, possibly because of the disappearance of my testosterone which caused me to sell my motorcycle and stop stilting.  But these horses, they were so beautiful, it was amazing.  I found myself feeling so connected to the performers working with them, as if I were experiencing everything they were~  It was seriously incredible.
And Max was amazing-  huge grin on his face for pretty much the entire show, which was 2.5 hours, which is pretty crazy for a 2 and 7/12 year old...
We stuck around for the stable visit after where I was able to take some photos of these amazing creatures in their calmer state.  This is one of them~