Monday, November 30, 2020

Nov 30, Nostalgia Can Be Home, Too...

This is a painting from several years ago when we went on a trip to Ireland with my mom and dad and both my sisters met us in Dublin. I painted a whole series from those photos and this is from the castle we stayed at on Dad's birthday, March 22, and it was Ashford Castle. And this is one of the urns out in front- it was an amazing trip- there were horses and falcons, and mom and dad stayed up late the night of his birthday, dancing and talking to people and listening to music.

Really amazing- 

So there's a bit of home right there!  And I'd thought I'd lost this painting, as it had fallen behind and under our printer...

Whew! Oh and now HOMEvember is over, I'll be making another donation to Simpson's for us!  And if you are hoping for a holiday Pet Portrait for you or someone else, let me know soon and I'll get it done for you in time for Christmas!  Wahoo!

8x10 acrylic on wood

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Nov 29, Reid's Dad's Cabin

 I think Reid said this cabin actually burnt down, and so this is in memory of that place. It looks pretty darn awesome. Can you see the boat to the far left? The reference photo was rather blurry so the details were fuzzy, but that's always fine with a painting because I get to be even more expressionistic than ever!  I loved getting the reflections in there, and the sky over those immensely tall trees- beautiful!

6x9 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Nov 28, Lorrie and Phil's

 I'm a bit tired as I'm posting this, so it'll be short.

This is the amazing self-designed, selfimagined home of our friends, up north, which is why it is difficult to see it behind the trees~

Beautiful place with a beautiful heart~

Friday, November 27, 2020

Nov 27, Barb's Home

I really am getting a kick out of these places that are real people's homes, where they live! There is a value on something where life happens. I imagine walking up those steps, past those friendly fuzzy fir bushes, tapping on the door with the gentle stucco all around. And there's such a comfortable guard of tall trees behind the house too, those protecting, covering beings. I love trees.

And I am sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but we were a bit busy, helping mom with her Christmas decorations and eating a turkey dinner in the garage~ it was really sweet, actually. I hope you were able to find a way to celebrate with family.  We all watched "It's A Wonderful Life" together last night on Zoom, with the help of Amazon Prime Video-  it was fun because we all could talk while watching it~ and I always tear up at certain parts of that movie!

I'm thankful for all of you and for being able to paint too!

6x9 acrylic on wood

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Nov 25, Violet's Childhood Home

I know this house quite well, and have had my own share of fun and memories here, and it also happens to be where Violet has spent most of her childhood and recently had her graduation party (outside, safety consciously last summer). It's a great house, with a great room in the back with a fireplace and a friendly big kitchen, and a huge backyard with mature trees, and that lovely birch in the front.

Ah, I do like painting houses I know!

6x9 acrylic on wood

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Nov 24, Terri's Cabin

 Here's another fun one, where the light is really important. The cabin is white-ish, so there was a lot of shades of grey I had to create and play with, and then all that hot green, so nice!  This could be another place I'd like to spend some time in~ like in that red chair sitting out front!

6x9 acrylic on wood
$45 starting bid!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Nov 23, Cat's House

 And here's another lovely Minneapolis home! I love the greens and the sky and the trees and that white picket fence and all the sweet plants and the Adirondack chairs out front~ looks like another place I'd love to walk up and knock on the door and say HI!

I like the low view of this one too, because the house looks so much more dramatic!

6x9 acrylic on wood
$45 starting bid!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Nov 22, Kathy and Bob's House

Here's a sweet place in Wisconsin, with a big sky above. I really played around with that sky!  It took probably more time than the house, because I kept going back in and needing to adjust it all~  skies are fun!

And so I'm kicking out these last few for the end of November!  But if you are interested, I am also painting commissions for people for Christmas gifts too!  Be sure and get those to me soon, so I can get them painted before the big day!


6x9 acrylic on wood
$45 starting bid!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Nov 21, Connie's Bath House!

 Another sweet little structure in lovely light! Rather irresistible! I like the oars in front there too, and the little shingles and the pot of flowers on the delicate legged stand by the door~ I want to see inside it too!

And here's what Connie, whom I met when she came to take Painting Lessons, says about this little building~

 "How exciting that you like it!  I grew up with an out house at our wonderful cottage.  When we needed a bathroom we built this with a tub that looks out a window for moon Gazing. " 

6x9 acrylic on wood

Friday, November 20, 2020

Nov 20, Britt's House

 I really love light. Don't you? Like how light makes shadow, how you can see the rest of the world through the shadows?

Do I know what I'm talking about? Maybe... but it's Friday night after a long week, and I'm not sure any more...

I do know that I love the shadows and the light and all that dappling on the front there...,

6x9 acrylic on wood

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Melissa's Sister's House

 Whew! I'm kinda hitting a crunchy time... as in things are happening at work and at home and I'm trying to get a whole bunch of things done without biting anyone's head off, if you know what I mean. I'm feeling like all of us are living in an alternate universe at the moment, with events suspended and new meanings coming at us daily...  but I can still enjoy popcorn while Max tells me about more Starwars Lego sets...

SO this lovely house is somewhere on the east coast, I believe, and I'm loving the light and I hope I was able to get a bit of the feel of that time of day, and the glow and reflection from the white banisters and siding... there was just so much fun in there!

6x9 acrylic on wood

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Nov 18, Donna's Abode

 And this is my friend Donna's house, and she has an amazing garden and I was torn between trying to paint the garden in or trying to put in the beautiful tree so I opted for the tree.  It's such a cool house, with a huge wide porch, screened in, and those fantastic pillars with the brick and stucco detail!  I've always loved loping up those steps to say hi!

Oh and it is Give to the Max Day on the 20th, which is Friday (right?) so I'll be making at least a $1000 donation to Simpson's Housing on that day because those donations are MATCHED!!!  I haven't been paid for all the paintings people have claimed yet, but I trust that we'll at least get up to that grand!  So thank you everyone who has bought their painting, and thank you those people who have bid on and won an auction!  I believe there is one auction that has not gotten any bids... you can pick that one up cheap!

6x9 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Nov 17, The Meathe's

 These are the houses of my hometown. Suburban Minnesota. Nice mature trees, big unfenced yards, not many sidewalks to speak of. And this is the house of another wonderful couple of old friends of my parents', and they still keep an eye out for my mom, bringing her communion on Sundays and dropping off dinner for her. They took her out to eat often after my dad died.  It feels proper to be painting their house.

It looks like another friendly place.  I think that's a little angel sitting on the front step...

Monday, November 16, 2020

Nov 16, Katy's Place

 Dang, people!  Thank you so much! I sent out that note last night and I've got a pile of houses to paint!  I really appreciate this! I haven't even actually told Simpson's that I'm doing this project to make a donation... I keep meaning to mention it but then I run out of time.

SO this is Katy's house, and I've been there a couple times-  I think the last time was last winter, and we all got to sit around in her living room and listen to a musician by the name of Humbird, which was a lovely and intimate way to spend an evening with a group of people, and I think that was one of the last times I was in a space filled with people.

I can't wait til we can do that again!

6x9 acrylic on wood
Spoken for!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Nov 15, Julie's Cabin

 Now, I know I'll get to hang out at this cabin at some point in the hopefully near future!  This belongs to my old friend Julie (and her sweetie Jeff) and some day we'll get to hang out on that deck and watch the bear family trot by on their way down to the lake. Isn't it just great? I love the red shutters and that star and the red garage door and everything!

And the snow, and the blue shadows, and the pines, and the sky, and just,  yay!

6x9 acrylic on wood

Saturday, November 14, 2020

11-14 Alana's House

 And here is today's sunny little house. It look like another one I'd love to stop by and sit on that front stoop and have a cup of tea and share some laughter.

Yes, that will happen!


6x9 acrylic on wood


Friday, November 13, 2020

Nov 13, The Polta's

 This is our friendly neighbors' house, across the street from mom, and we've known them ever since we moved into the "new" house, when I was 9. In 1977...  so it isn't a NEW house anymore.

They are the nicest people, and help mom out whenever she needs it. Sometimes they'll walk Star, mom's dog, so she doesn't have to wobble down the street.

And today is the 5 year anniversary of my dad's sudden death. Always a strange day. It's been a hard and weird five years. The administration didn't help my grieving process any. It feels better now.

I really like the tree in the front yard in this one.

6x9 acrylic on wood

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Nov 12, Joy's House

 Doesn't this look like a house you'd want to go into? Like if you knocked on the door to say "trick or treat" you'd get a full can of pop or a king sized candy bar? Or if you were dropping by for a gathering and had never been there before, and you felt welcome as soon as you realized this was the house?

Something about yellow houses...

Oh, I guess ours is a yellow green, with yellow trim...

So fun to paint this one!  Thanks Joy!

6x9 acrylic on wood

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Nov 11, Jennifer's House

I really love the light on this one!  Isn't it great?  And front porches are so friendly, especially open ones like this, where you can sit and swing your legs free...

This is a great time of year to see houses looking kinda like this, with the sun setting earlier and earlier and the windows lit up warm and cosy.

6x9 acrylic on wood


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Nov 10, Minnesota River Valley

We went for a walk here on Sunday afternoon. It was just too nice of a day to not do that. And now there is about 4 inches of snow out on our back deck... hmm.  This is a Minnesota Fall, isn't it?

I love the Minnesota River Valley- it's wide, open, wet, marshy... there's birds and beavers and rushes and air. Feels like home.

This one is another auction!

6x9 acrylic on wood
$45 first bid!


Monday, November 9, 2020

Nov 9, Maryanna's Cabin

 I love this photo. Maryanna sent me a couple others, and maybe it's because I saw this one first, but there's something about that bench to the far left, looking out over the view, and the door with the rake and brooms, and being able to see through the windows to the far side, and those pines filling the sky with air~

I love this place and I've never been there!

6x9 acrylic on wood
I think it's taken!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Nov 8, Welcome Home Joe!

 Well, I didn't ever think I'd want to paint the White House. 

Somehow, my feelings about it have changed...  and I like this view. Yes, things can change. Whew!

I have really hated not feeling connected to my leaders, and I've hated feeling embarrassed and ashamed of my country because of the actions of my leaders. 

I'm feeling a bit better now!

6x9 acrylic on wood
$45 auction!

Nov 7, Laura's House!

 Okay, I got a bit distracted yesterday and I DID paint this in the morning with my glorious painting crew out back in our driveway where we heard the news and were totally distracted and full and happy and teary and vibrating and feeling ourselves moving in new and freer ways, and then we had a super fun Open Air Art Fair and said hi to many people walking and biking and driving in our neighborhood and then we had family over for a backyard pizza supper and that was great and then it was late and we were worn out and it was time to go to bed and I didn't get Laura's painting posted!

She said she really loves her pine tree behind the garage there, so I hope it worked!

6x9 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Nov 6, Naldo's World

 As soon as I saw this photo I was reminded of Andrew Wyeth's painting, "Christina's World" from 1948. And I wanted to see if I could play with the composition and get the same feeling going~ and I like it!  That grass expanse with Naldo's attention focussed across to the flutter of the gazebo curtains gives just the right depth...

I'll be making this one an auction too!

6x9 acrylic on wood

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Nov 5, Sue's Garden

Isn't this the sweetest house? Its one of those ones I couldn't resist wanting to paint! I mean really, cute little pink house, lovely green trees, those chunky soft bricks, and the wide variety of growing things!  YES!

Thank you for sending it to me, Susan!

6x9 acrylic on wood


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Nov 4, Sears Midtown Building

 I actually know a number of people who live in the Sears building, and I know I was actually in the store way back when it was actually a Sears. And I love the market in there, and have tons of great memories of events there- we had a fabulous art car parade one year when Harrod Blank was in town with the Camera Van, and we had a sew-a-thon fundraising thing one year where each team was given a bunch of recycling and some old clothes and had a few hours to create an ensemble... I think I still have part of it in my closet! And we had several Barebones Parties up there too- such a great building!  Mina sent me the photo and said that Harry Waters Jr lives in the apartment with the giant red A... can you see it?

I love Minneapolis! Oh and if you missed Barebones Halloween Extravaganza this year (because it didn't happen) you can visit any of the sites listed on the page here through this Saturday, Nov 7~

6x9 acrylic on wood
another AUCTION!
Starting bid is $45~

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Nov 3, Cheri's Cabin

 Wendy sent this photo in for me to paint for her friend- I am in love with this cabin!  Isn't it the cutest? If any of you have a cabin you'd like to sell me, let me know!  I'm looking! Here's Wendy's story~

"So my fellow quilting BFF Cheri has owned her cabin for over 30 years. Originally it was to be a part ownership between her and her sisters, but the sisters backed out, and Cheri decided to go for it on her own and has never looked back. It’s such a cute, tiny cabin, with 3 tiny bedrooms, one of which she turned into her up north quilt studio (note the “barn quilt” at the peak). And it’s bare-bones up there. No internet, no TV. It’s such a big part of the allure, to be away from all the media madness. And I have been lucky enough to spend several weekends in this little gem over the years. Thank you Cheri💜"

6x9 acrylic on wood

Monday, November 2, 2020

Nov 2, Kris' Lake View

So my friend Kris lives up in Cook County on a lake and sent me a lovely pile of incredible photos that made me supremely envious and drooling... and I picked this one for today. I think that may be a paddle board? and I can't quite tell if it is sunset or sunrise, but I'm making this one an AUCTION! and we'll start it at $45 for a starting bid, and you can bid on it for a week!

How exciting!  I haven't had an auction in a while!


6x9 acrylic on wood
$45 starting bid!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Nov 1, Homevember for Debra

So today is the start of November, and also of my HOMEvember project for 2020. I'm needing a space for my head and painting is that for me, and I also love the idea of raising money for a good cause, so all these house paintings are raising money for Simpson Housing Services here in Minneapolis.  There are a lot of people needing some help these days, and Simpsons does really good stuff.

SO this is the first house!  It is a surprise, I think, for Deb's son, and I'm hoping to keep it that way! I hadn't actually planned a show of these paintings for later this month, so I suppose I can send them to the new owners right away too!  Hmmm!

Yes, I feel a little less organized with this project this year than in previous years~ but ah well!  We are all doing our best these days, aren't we?  And it may not be the best we were able to do a year ago, but we're still doing it!

Be good to yourself!

6x9 acrylic on wood