Thursday, April 27, 2023

April 27, Max the Cat

I just ran to the Edina Pet Hospital yesterday to hang a few more paintings. Shelia, the owner there, asked me a half a year ago if I was interested in putting some of my pet paintings on her walls, and since I'd rather have them seen that store them, I said sure! I hung a lot of pieces there but there were some Cat rooms in use that I wasn't able to enter. Shelia had contacted me recently to let me know they were repainting those rooms and that she'd love some more work if I had any more.  So while I was up in Grand Marais back in March, I started a couple cat paintings. 

This is not one of them.

This is my sister Beaner's sturdy farm cat, Max. He's got a definite personality, this one! And he's also really sturdy. He was a cute little fluff pot when Beaner first picked him and his sister Maddy up from a farmer in a parking lot. I think they were both also covered in fleas...  but dang cute!

24x12 acrylic on canvas

Thursday, April 13, 2023

April 13, Pompom Is Proud

 I painted this one up in Grand Marias at the Art Colony this March- it's a 40x30 canvas, so quite a bit larger than life size, and Duane took it of Pom after a walk or something, she had done something she was supposed to do and was proving how well she could sit... can you see it in her face? I need to take a photo of her next to the painting because that would be really funny~

40x30 acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

April 5, Bubbins Sits

 This is Bubbins, Georgia's sister. They are pretty different creatures! Bubbins is shy, skittish, needs to bark at you a lot before she's willing to come up and be petted. They make a fun team!

I've got a new session of Paint Love starting on April 15th, Saturday mornings from 9:30-noon, and you're welcome to join us if you like.  Sign up is here~

It's a good time of year to get those brushes out!

Bubbins Sits
18x14 acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

April 4, Georgia Stands

 I painted a lot up in Grand Marais two weeks ago- it was a heckuva adventure, and I was so glad to have stalwart friends along, Kris and Michelle- some heavy emotions were under all that paint- dealing with grief and loss, in this world, feels like a full time job.

This is Georgia. She lives with Shelley and Julian and her sister Bubbins, and she has been a help in our grieving process, especially for Max, who loved this painting as soon as I brought it into the house and decided it is his. So it isn't for sale~ I really like it too, so I'm glad he's picked it out! Georgia and Bubbins made a brief appearance at Max's birthday party last Thursday, and Max was thrilled and delighted. They are a pretty sweet pair of pugs, with Georgia being the more outgoing friendly one and Bubbins taking a bit more work to get to touch~

36x18 acrylic on canvas