Sunday, June 30, 2019

OFFICIAL LIST for 30 Dogs in 30 Days!


Here is the Official Tenth Anniversary "30 Dogs in 30 Days" Daily Painting Project July 2019 LIST!
And if you were expecting to be on it, there is still time to send me an image!  I have a few spaces left!

I'll be painting each dog on the day listed, usually in the morning, and if I am able to paint in a public space, I'll let you know! I believe I'll be at St Kate's Art Fair on the 13th, and so Linus may be a public painting!  Unless I do him in the morning before heading out, though that's unlikely...

Thank you so much for being a part of this continuing adventure!

1- Pixie for Marie S
2- Izzie for Kirsten R
3- Kimber for Connie P
4- Wiley for Tanya
5- Diya for Michelle
6- Dobbie for Jake W and Cat C
7- Avi for Kelly E
8- Omo for Gretchen
9- Panchan for Andy and Kathy
10- Kai for Kelly E
11- Roxy for Anne W
12- Murray for Robin T
13-Linus for Kate T
14- Oliver for Sandi
15- Berit for Laurie E
16- Someone for Emma G
17- Keti for Amy J
18- Her Daughter's Pup for Joanne W
19- Angus for Mary H
20- Sparky for Molly G
21- Zorro for Bethany W
22- Bailey for Sarah K
23- Coko for Kurt
24- Double Dogs on the Deck for Anne Winkleworth
25- Rusty for Tom’s Birthday
26- Gabby for Shandy and Joe
27- Abby for Jeffery S
28- Dibbs for Shelley
29- Bella the Boxer for Laura J

Friday, June 28, 2019

Another Past Pup! :Lucy!

I'm working like crazy to get everything ready for the "30 Dogs in 30 Days" 10th Anniversary Project! Gathering materials, making lists, checking through e-mails and facebook and texts and everywhere to make sure I'm not missing anyone who sent me a dog!

And there is always time for you to send me images, so get on that!  Or if you figure you'll be taking a great picture soon, let me know that you want to send me one soon~

This is a pup from 2012!


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

past Pups

I'm getting the list together for my 30 Dogs, and there is still room for YOU!  So do make sure you send me your photos so I can look through them!
I'm up in Grand Marais at the moment, making a pair of shoes the old fashioned way with Molly Grant of Cordwainer Shoes!  She's here from New Hampshire and I'm loving this class.  I fully encourage everyone to try new things- it's always good to stretch your brain and learn something new.
I'll post a pic when they are complete~  and I have some "In Process" shots on my instagram~

And this is a pup painting from 2011~ just to encourage your pup photo-taking efforts!


Monday, June 24, 2019

Artist Point

THis is a smaller version of Artist Point, just 6x12~  I'm loving this rectangular format!

Acrylic on wood

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mama Deer

We are still up in Grand Marais, and I'm painting when I can!  We had a great time last night at the Solstice Pageant- Duane worked on a moving canoe for the show, and Max and I were the waves, and the otters, and the rainbow, and the right hand of the Benevolent Darkness~

And I painted a couple things at the laundromat this afternoon...

And DO keep sending me those dogs!  I'm getting that list all together!  WahoooO!OO!

6x12 acrylic on wood

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Up Buck (the big version...)

So I'm painting a little bigger, lately, since I have a nice big studio space and all...  this is one of the deer I've been working on. And I've got a few more I'm kicking out~

We are actually up in Grand Marais at the moment, working on the Summer Solstice Pageant, which is this Saturday!  An there are OTTERS in the show this year! Guess whose going to be an otter?  You are RIGHT!  ME! oh and a few kids and other adults too~

And we're sunning ourselves, and making cardboard puppets and things, and just generally relaxing the heck out of June~  hope you are too!

24x48 acrylic on magnificent stretched canvas

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Dad's Day!

This is one of my rare human paintings- of Duane and Maxie when Max was 2 and a half or three~  I love these guys so much, I would paint them every day if I could. Just to keep them near me~

Actually, most of my human paintings are of one or both of these guys!

I'll finish this one soon~

Happy Father's Day!


Thursday, June 13, 2019

And these aren't dogs either...

I've been dabbling a bit in oils again, taking Dreama Tolle Perry's online painting class as a way to see how to put together an on-line painting class. I kinda like how I've filmed my lessons showing the painting the entire time, so the viewer can see what I'm doing with the brush. Dreama's video series is set in France, and I think the main audience for this series is older women who've either been to France or won't ever be able to go, and who want to see all the "extras" in the series, where Dream walks through town and shops at markets and things.  It is fun, but really, I just wanted to PAINT.  It is fun to use oils, and I'll keep playing with them, but I do prefer acrylics for the speed of drying and all.
That said, DO keep sending me your dogs!  I'm getting the list togehter!


Strawberry Creme Dream
8x8 oil on panel
Hmmm... should I sell it?  
Or give it away?

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Botched Bunny and Better Bunny

I so appreciate how much people love my dog paintings, but I have to admit that I know when one needs to be reworked.
This is one that I started at Art A Whirl, and just did not like. And the better version is still not quite finished yet.
That said, I am off to the studio!  I joyfully scurried off to Blick yesterday to buy some larger canvases and now I am PAINTING BIG!  Wahoo!!!
I'll post some of those later~
Botched Bunny

Better Bunny
Oh!  Maybe I forgot to mention that we have a new family member and her name is Bunny and she is a pug!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Another Deer- "Just Doe It"

Okay, I was running out of title ideas, and I thought this one was clever...
Isn't it?
Having more fun with the backgrounds too-  moving into abstractions a bit!  So I think I'll also re-post some of my earlier dogs from the last decade's projects as well, just to pump you all up a bit!

6x9 acrylic on wood

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Three Amigos/ The Three Graces/ The Three Forces

I can't quite settle on a name for this one...  and it isn't often I post (or finish) my people paintings. Though I do really enjoy painting them!  This is something I may have to do a 30 in 30 project on- people... we'll see.
This is the boys we love, last winter, photo taken by my husband. Not sure what they are doing, exactly, except that this is very familiar action. And that's why The Three Forces seems apt...

Not sure if it is finished either... though I have to admit I do really love it!  Especially the negative spaces around them...
15x15 acrylic on wood

Sunday, June 2, 2019


Dang it, I don't think I took a final photo of Simon before I sent him off, and I know I forgot to take a photo of the partner painting.  Dang.  I love being busy and productive but I don't like it when something gets missed because of the busy-ness...
Ah well!
It is a gorgeous Minnesota day, and I'm sitting on our back porch under our ancient pine tree, two happy dogs at my feet and a meowing cat on the roof.  I hope you are enjoying whereever you are!

And here is my call for Dogs for this year's "30 Dogs in 30 Days" Project!  This is the 10th year of this project!  I am so pleased!

Send me your pics!
8x8 acrylic on wood