Thursday, June 23, 2022

Belly Break

 Bunny can put her four feet down and stop you like an anchor. 

She is the smallest creature I know and also the densest...  she could make a decent sled dog, with how well she can pull! 

The photo I used for a reference for this painting was taken on a warmer morning walk when Bunny decided she needed a break in the cool grass.  I don't know if the tension on the leash shows... but I was pulling!

And do send me YOUR goofy dog photos for this year's "30 Dogs in 30 Days" Painting Project!  More info here!

40x30 acrylic on canvas

Thursday, June 9, 2022

June 9, Light on the Water

 Well, maybe I could have come up with a better title, like "Light on the Otter"...  would that have made sense?

I think artists do what they do because we like to solve problems. Not always big ones... like I'm working on the problem of how to paint water, you know what I mean?  And it is one of those lovely things that can keep me up in a good way, thinking, researching how other artists do it, sketching, and just simply observing.  

It's all so needed!

10x20 acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Water Lover

 When I was at the Art Colony in March, I was also painting some of the otters from the Minnesota Zoo in anticipation of an upcoming show, and this is one that I was pretty pleased with~ I find it so interesting to look at the water and those reflections and movements, and try to paint it. It is a serious brain game, because you have to shut off that part of your brain that wants to label everything (wave, fur, eye) and bring it all back to the basics of shape, light, dark, and all that. It is just SOOOOO good for my brain!

And it would be good for your too!  Ya wanna come paint with me?  I've got six classes set up in June and July, a couple Saturdays from 12:30-3 (including this one coming up in a few days!) and a couple Thursdays, both 12:30-3 and 6:30-9- I've priced it at $65, everything included, and maybe that isn't quite enough but it's been a long couple years and I'm happy to invite people back into my studio again!  So get a buddy and come slap some paint around!  you can paint your pet, or another person's pet, or I'll set you up with an otter or a bear, or you can bring a vacation photo that you've been wanting to paint- the options are endless!

Here's a link with more info and a sign-up button!

Shoot me an email with any questions!

24x36 acrylic on wood

Sunday, June 5, 2022

June 5, Shifting Light

 It's been a busy weekend, and I've been busy with so many different parts of my life that some things have just slid off- like for example, I take the dogs for a walk every morning and the other morning I couldn't find their usual leashes, so I used other ones, and on our return up the alley I found the missing ones lying on the ground. I'd left them there after our last walk, and totally forgot about them.  It's been like that a lot.

My poor brain.

And this is a painting from March, and I didn't actually forget it, but I just didn't think about it much, but I still love it. It is so deep- there's distance in it. I like that.

40x30 acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 1, Light Breaks

 Good morning!  here's a little one that's hanging at Diamonds til June 11th!  You can go over there and pick it up if you like!

It's another sunrise, looking at the Point from along the northern shore~

6x12 acrylic on wood