Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday October 28th!

Sheesh! Yes, I HAVE been painting, just not having time to post- HERE! these are Tessa, a Sheltie, a commission from South Dakota~ I'm liking them quite a bit~ a few more to go for this particualr order! Then I have another house, a few more dogs, a cat and a request to try another child...... we'll see about that!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mom & Max Movie....

just thought you could use a laugh.... it was a long weekend- not very successful at the Convention Center and felt lousy most of it, so took a sick day yesterday~

I'll be getting back to painting tonight! watch for another commission or two tomorrow...

oh and me and some FRANKENSWEATERS will be at Sue Hensel's Wild Wool Market this sat 10 to 4! click here for her gallery link!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday October 14th!

Wow~ life is freaking FAST these days! Monday night I made 2 FRANKENSWEATERS for this weekend at the Expo at the Convention Center, Tuesday I took down my stuff at the Firehouse for the L-7 show (SUPER fun! Hope you were able to make it!), and last night after getting a really snotty Max in the tub and then into bed while Duane went to Ethan's Memorial at the Cedar all night, I got one more FRANKENS done, and another fixed as the button broke while it was in the "fluff" setting in the dryer... and now I am uploading student work to our Artsonia gallery- here is a sample!

These are "Scrap Paper Monsters" made from ACTUAL SCRAPS out of my classroom scrap paper boxes.... aren't they GREAT?! I showed them how to just pull out any old scrap and determine it as the head, and then another and make it the body, ect ect ect.... kids are just SO MUCH FUN!

I wonder if adults would be such a hoot to teach? Maybe if I were to include some alcohol in the mix.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tuesday Oct 4th!

Whew~ feel MUCH better today- had a bit of a mental crisis the last few days, feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and financial strain, and not enough relaxing time, and really NEVER getting to sleep in because of the wee one's sleep habits (not that they are BAD, seeing as he goes to sleep before 7pm most nights... he just wakes up around 5:30am....). Somedays you just want a day off. Ah well. As they say, plenty of time for sleeping when yer dead-
SO here is a very recent commission I completed on an evening when darling Max went to sleep before 7pm, and Duane was watching a PBS show about black mamba snakes in South Africa and the woman and her husband who rescue them from houses... I don't think there are any snakes in this house tho...
It has been WONDERFUL the number of people who have seen my houses and now are commissioning me to do theirs! I guess it never occurred to me that people might want a painting of their house...

This is in the Seward neighborhood, by the way....