Sunday, July 31, 2016

August 1, Going to Hang the "Dog Days of Summer"

Yes!  I am heading out to hang my solo show at Artistry this morning!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to show my work in such a professional manner at such a respected art center, and I hope you can come see what I've been working on.  I will post images of the paintings on my blog this week, and I would love to see you at the reception for "Dog Days of Summer" this Thursday, August 4th from 6-8, at Artistry,1800 W Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington, MN 55431.  I'll have some dog-themed treats for you, and kids are definitely welcome!  Maybe I'll have time to make up some dog-themed coloring sheets for kids (and adults...)!
This is Shasta, my brother-in-law Dennis' dog!

6x6 acrylic on wood, sold

July 31, the LAST Dog of the month!

I just couldn't not paint another dog today!  So I went back through and pulled this sweetie out, who belongs to Mary but I haven't tracked all her story down yet, so I'll tell you that I was attracted to that sweet cocked head expression and those eyes that are all saying, "I'm listening to you, though I'm not really sure what you're going on about" and possibly listening very closely to see if the words "walk" or "treat" are uttered...
And here's what Mary says about her dog, Christmas!

Christmas "Chris" is the smartest sweetest caretaker dog. He would be a nurse if he was a human. He is great student of our behavior. He lived his first 3 years in a home with a mean dog that bullied him under the bed, so that's where he always sleeps. He's a lover and fighter. He loves fun eating puzzles and monkey-in-the-middle with a treat or toy. He loves being tickled on the belly. He's ready to go whenever we call him. Prettiest eyes in my world. He hates baths and getting teeth brushed but he is brave. He's my best friend. 

8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click here to purchase!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 30, Little Guy!

You gotta love a name like this!  And here is his story, as well as a memorial card from his owners~

Guy LeBlanc (Little Guy) arrived from Tennessee on August 18, 2003. He lived a full and happy life, making the lives of everyone he met better. He had an amusing howl, a little "ooooo", when he wanted something. He was therapy for my mother in her final years and brought his Sammy smile to all occasions. Even lately, he still would get up and greet visitors with affection...even though he could no longer see. He was my "good friend Guy." Today (July 3rd) David G. Cameron and I brought him to the vet, his last car ride and euthanized him in the back of said car, a place he loved. He left behind fellow Sammy Gordie Howe Hat Trick and Border Collie Avatar's Duck Duck Grey Duck of Bayshore to carry on the canine family tradition...

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold

Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29, Koda!

for a sweet dog, a poem by her owner~

Sweet Koda
you run free now
kind soul
sister to the moon
always with us
so much pizza stolen
wishing for one more time, your paw on my thigh
Sweet Koda
we were blessed

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold~

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, Buddy!

I don't have too much of a story about Buddy yet, except that he's Lisa's mom's dog~  but I have to admit I am smitten with those eyes!  I also have to admit I have been painting my butt off-  I spent four hours with my mom yesterday afternoon while Max was at Zoo Camp (he LOVES it!) and I painted several paintings that I am REALLY excited about, so I am on one of those fantastic magical rolls where the paintings are working~  if you know what I mean.  It's one of those tricky things about being an artist, where you know you have to put the time in and keep the practice going, and if you DO, then sometimes everything lines up just beautifully and the muse pours out through your brush~

I just sent out a Mailchimp about my show at Artistry next Thursday!  I am heading over to the studio to keep getting my dogs in line~  please come if you are in town!  Thursday, August 4th from 6-8pm at Artistry!  Here is a link for you~
AND also DO come see me at the Powderhorn Art Festival, August 6th and 7th!  It's my first year and I am super excited! I'm in booth #24!

8x8 acrylic, $175 click HERE to purchase!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27, Yoshi!

Another absolutely lovely dog to paint!  But aren't they all?  I mean, really, who could resist these faces anyway?
This is Yoshi, and here's his story!

We got Yoshi after sending our four year old Pug to the Rainbow Bridge. His wild and high strung personality turned out to be exactly what we needed to help heal from our loss. Yoshi is a two year old French Bulldog who loves playing fetch and hates being left alone.

8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click HERE to purchase!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 26, Murphy!

I LOVED painting this dog!  Isn't she gorgeous!?!

YAY!!!  Murphy (aka Smurphy Murphy) is an 11 year old former puppy mill breeding mama who lived most of her first 8 years in a cage.  When she was dropped off at a shelter in Missouri, MN Sheltie Rescue (MNSR) mobilized and placed her in an amazing foster home where she learned that life with people could be good (and life with people who had cheese was even better).  I looked at her MNSR page/profile almost every day for a year before I caved and added her to my pack.  This picture is of her in her dog carseat/bed.  She rides shotgun. :)  #dogismycopilot

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold!

Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, Maddie!

Honestly, I think of this one as "Maddie with the Mohawk" because her incredible hair, and this pose, just speaks to the nobleness of one endowed with enviable genetics~
And here is what Andrea says about Maddie!

Things to know about Maddie:

She is a 10 year old standard poodle, her coat color is called blue.  

1) More than one person has described her as a person disguised as a dog.  She is a wise, old soul.  But also very fun loving, read on....
2) She loves spending as much time as possible in the back yard trying to make friends with the squirrels.  She stands/sits as still as a stone until they forget that she is there, then she chases them, bumps them with her nose and says "tag, you're it!"  One squirrel plays a funny game with her...he goes around and around, just out of reach, on the tree trunk and she follows him around and around the tree.  
3) She tries to play with our cat too, but gets rebuffed every time.  
4) She loves her dad best, even though I am the one who feeds her and lets her out in the morning.  There is no justice!
8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click here to make this yours!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


And this is Augie!  For Liz!  A bit of an unusual perspective perhaps, but I believe that makes it more interesting...
Don't you think?

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 23, Otto!

I painted a larger version of Otto in May in Grand Marais at the Art Colony-  I swear that is a magical place, seriously! Paintings just pour out of me up there- maybe because I don't have so many distractions... today, the storms have been distracting me, because my boys went up to my sis-in-law's farm for a birthday party today, and I worry about them~  maybe you know what that's like.

Anyway, this is a smaller version of Otto!  Otto belongs to Anna, who says he is one of the North Star Therapy Animals!  I'll see if I can get her to send me more info~

8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click here to purchase!

Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22, Honey!

Wow, was THIS a fun one to paint!  I love that face!  I'd told Wendy I was going to paint a different version, but when I looked through the images she sent me again this morning, I decided this one is the one-  and you may understand why when you read her story~

The story of Honey

I believe that dogs are here to remind us to live in the here and now, to slow down our lives and remind us what is important. Here is the story of Honey:

Last September my daughter and her boyfriend Cole went to the Big Island of Hawaii to work on a macadamia nut farm for several weeks.
The first day they were there, one of the farm’s many dogs took a shine to Emily. Her name was Honey. Honey didn't leave Emily's side for long, following her while she picked macadamia nuts and Kona coffee, walked the goats, fed the pig, or sold goods at the farm stand. When it came time to head back to life in Minnesota, Emily couldn't leave her behind. 

Fast forward a month. Emily found herself in the emergency room with a terrible headache. Scans showed a mass that turned out to be brain cancer. She had a successful resection of the tumor, 6 weeks of radiation and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. 

You know how animals have that extra sensory thing about them? I am convinced that Honey knew Emily would be needing her in the coming weeks and months. She has rarely left her side, accompanying us in Rochester for the surgery, the weeks of radiation and our family trips.

She not only helps my daughter, but all of us. She's a little dog with a strong, quiet and calming spirit that keeps us all grounded. She has proven to be an integral part of the healing process for all of us, but especially for her favorite person in the world, Emily.

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21, Punkin!

And this is my friend Dawn's dog, Punkin, also known affectionately as "Pig"~  though I can't remember at the moment why.  I'll have to ask Dawn about that and get back to you~

Whew!  I'm at my studio at the moment, painting up a storm on some larger paintings, and doing my daily ones too-  it's not as cool at my studio as it is at home, so we'll see how long I can last here~

8x8 acrylic on wood, we'll see what happens-  I think I need to give this one to Dawn...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20, Cecil!

Dang!  How can you not love a corgi?!  Just look at that face!  And I had such a great pile of photos of Cecil to pick from-  there may be a larger version painted later this week for my Artistry show, because I just love the proportions!
Here's Cecil's story!

Cecil is a one year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Abington, MA.  Cecil is very "down to earth".  He makes the most of his stubby legs by enjoying romps in the fields and wading at the beach.

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19, Frode!

This was a fun, fluffy dog to paint for today~  it is Nathaniel's birthday and Frode is a surprise for him-  Frode loved the north shore and Nathaniel~  here's what Nathaniel's mom says about Frode~

Nathaniel decided he wanted a Keeshond when he was in second grade. Our first was Bjorn and then Frode. Frode joined our family through a Keeshond rescue organization on Valentine’s Day, 2010. Frode was a perfect match with Nathaniel. He could never get enough petting and snuggling. Nathaniel took Frode on adventures to places like Lake Harriett. They made up little games to play around the house. Frode was never more content than when he got to cuddle with Nathaniel. As Nathaniel likes to say, he was so stinkin’ cute. Forever in our hearts.

8x10 acrylic on wood, sold

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, Rosie in the Snow~

Ha!  here's another black lab mix-  gotta love these guys (and gals)!  This one is Rosie in the snow-  she's looking up waiting for something to be thrown-  you can tell she's got her one paw lifted ready to take off after it!
And here's what Kate sent along!

I love this project! In case you need another black lab mutt to paint- here is our young rescue from Standing Rock Res in SD- Rosie; arrived last fall (rash decision-I swore I would never get another puppy, and now I remember why) in my grief after losing my beloved canine Ruby-a yellow lab you painted.

8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click here to purchase!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17, Queenie!

It's always fun when the client allows me to pick the photo I paint from!  I received several of Queenie, and I picked this one because it is the most regal!

I also think I should mention that I have a couple more art exhibitions coming up, along with my 30 Dogs in 30 Days Show!
On July 30th, I'll be hanging a raft of Otters out at the Chateau St Croix Winery and they will be hanging for the month of August, with a Closing Reception held on Sunday, August 28th from 1-4pm!  I like wine!  Come on out and join us! Just north of Taylor's Falls~

And I am really excited about my "Dog Days of Summer" solo Exhibition at Artistry, formerly known as The Bloomington Art Center!  I'll be hanging this show on August 1st, with an Opening Reception on Thursday August 4th from 6-8pm!  The dogs will be up all the way through to September 25th, and I've been painting up a storm.  There will be some pieces from private collections as well as brand new works and I am so excited to see these all up together!

And of COURSE the 30 Dogs in 30 Days Opening Party will be on Friday August 12 from 6-8 pm at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe in NE Minneapolis!  Please come to that TOO!

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16, Pepper

This is Pepper, who lived in Australia with Shay, whose is a friend of my sister Colleen who is living in Brisbane at the moment~  great story~

Ode to Pepper 
Being a cattle dog, in was in Pepper's nature to 'herd' things. This inherent behaviour was transferred to things such as the frisbee, the hose, the vacuum cleaner and the all-time favourite - the tennis ball. Anything that moved with repetition or that she could chase had her undivided attention. To the point of obsession. If you had a tennis ball in your hand and you went to pat her (because she was sooooo cute when intently focused on that ball), she would pull away and let you know it was all about the ball. When I lived in Victoria, the pristine mountain streams and banks had rocky bottoms, with lovely smooth rounded rocks that children couldn't resist throwing into the water - this was always too much for Pepper and many a time she would catch these rocks and had worn teeth because of this. When I was living in north Queensland, I was living in this area with no fences that was just starting to become urbansied - Pepper used to roam around and would often come home with teddy bears - I cringe to think where she got them from and cringe now too at my lackadaisical approach to dog ownership. But they were carefree times and Pepper was carefree. We religiously walked every morning and everyone knew her. She was a character, mischievous. She would often get into the rubbish bin and lick any food wrappings - one night when we came home I even thought we had been burgled because there was rubbish all over the kitchen and living room floor! We used to live near a caravan park and she would often sneak out over there during tourist season - one time we had a call from a good friend who reported seeing Pepper trotting home with a 1kg Doner Kebab sausage (salami) in her mouth - sure enough we found her under the house with only bits of sausage wrapping left...we didn't feed her that night and some unfortunate tourist was probably wondering what on earth happened to their salami!!! There are many more stories I could share of Pepper - of her food stealing antics and of the countless, innumerous places we went together - beaches, rivers, creeks, parks, lookouts, forests, tracks, trails - exploring and sharing. She will be forever in my heart.

8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click here for purchase info~

Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15, Rupa!

This was SO much fun to paint!  wow, those eyes, those ears, that NOSE-  such fun!

And here is Rupa's story, in his own words~

 My name is Rupa. A strange name, I know, but my parents tell me it’s a name from a far-off place called ‘Nepal’, where they spent their honeymoon.
 I’m a lucky dog. I get to play a lot with friends at daycare. I get to go to school and learn all kinds of new things. But mostly, I’m lucky because I get to make a difference for my family.  I came to this family just before my grandma died and I could tell that made everyone sad. I decided that it was up to me to keep everyone smiling and laughing during their grief. So I just keep acting silly, giving them big slobbery kisses and the best part is, they keep giving me treats every time I do it!

12x12 acrylic on wood, sold~

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, Yoshi Bear!

This sweet little face belongs to Yoshi Bear!  I had so much fun painting this intelligent, alert, eager creature!

So thrilled our Yoshi Bear made the list! We adopted him from Minneapolis Animal Control in 2013. Neighbors noticed him alone for weeks outside a house in freezing January temps. The family had moved out without Yoshi!!! :( He was pretty skinny and his coat was in poor shape when he got to MAC. I saw him on their FB acct and felt an instant connection.  Rushed down to adopt him as soon as he was available. He gained weight and grew a lovely coat. He loves to be held all the time and is a very sweet gentle boy who makes us smile and gives us so much love.. He's 10yrs old now and we can't imagine life without our "Bear". 

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold~

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 13, Budha!

Here is today's lovely dog, Budha!  Doesn't he look noble and wise?

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold~

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12, Mozart

I love this story about this dog!  And I had a great time playing with all those whites in his fur~

We adopted Mozart at six months of age after he became too big and powerful for his owner. He was our first child. 
He loved to chase squirrels, bat a ball back and forth on the lower level of our coffee table (coffee table ball), chew on racquetballs and make them squeak between his teeth, and play in the snow. He would always revert back to his happy gangly self whenever he got into water.
Once we were walking in an underground parking ramp and he accidentally stepped in a giant puddle of leaked car oil, slipped and did a belly slide. We used a whole bottle of Dawn getting his coat clean.
Mozart developed Cushings because of a pituitary tumor and died in early 2007. About that time we discovered we were pregnant with our first son Horace who we often say has been reincarnated because the two of them share so many personality traits.

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold!

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, Sage

Today's dog is a beautiful black dog, with a shiny black coat, on a soft beige tile floor, that was such fun to paint! And Sage has an incredible story attached to his incredible face~
Oh and I've painted a couple other dogs for this family, who adopt them from a dog training company, and this is the greatest pose of Sage relaxing, with those elegant forelegs crossed~

Sage also comes from the company's explosive search canine unit.  When Sage arrived from England it was discovered that he has a defect in his larynx which makes him ineligible to be a working dog in the heat of Saudi Arabia.  He was supposed to be sent back to the trainer in England as these dogs are very expensive for the company to purchase.  However, because of the strict laws on importing dogs into Saudi Arabia, he had to wait for some time period, have a new round of shots and would ultimately have gone into quarantine on arrival back in England.  So the company's canine unit had pity on him and put him up for adoption.  As we had recently had to let Bennie (the white lab you painted a couple of years ago) be put down because of age and illness, we went to the top of the list and were able to adopt Sage.

He had never been in a home, seen himself in the mirror, or heard a dog bark on television.  He adapted beautifully and as he is already trained to most commands, his training was pretty easy - except for jumping up on the kitchen counter.  He was, after all, trained to sniff and search.  He is wonderful with our grandchildren (aged 1 and 4) who live next door and lets them do just about anything to him.  Our four year old can make him respond to commands as easily as any adult.

9x12 acrylic on wood, sold

Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10, Henry!

And here is Henry, another sweet grey dog, my favorite kind~  I was so drawn to the light on his face, I was honored to paint him!

Henry Blue was a Christmas puppy for our youngest daughter - a sweet Weimaraner who had to grow into his baggy skin.  He quickly became known to all the children in the neighborhood, as he LOVED tennis balls and would return one to anyone who would throw it again!

There was something about this jowly shiny gray dog that people loved - our oldest daughter's college roommates featured a large photo of Henry in the living room of their apartment.

He was able to win over even tiny children who were afraid of big dogs, because he'd drop the ball and wait patiently for them to throw it back to him.  

Henry was a shy dog, slow to warm up to other dogs and people - so you knew that if he wagged and made a fuss, you were pretty special.  He was a very smart, gentle dog with a quirky personality and a great memory -very easy to make you his best friend.  He will be missed extraordinarily! 

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold

I had to include a shot of Henry with his favorite toys!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 9, Lookyee and Marcy!

Hey!  So I did TWO dogs today, and both are slightly larger at 10x10, and also took a bit more time to complete, and I'm still not sure about Marcy's coloring...

These two lovely dogs are in Thailand, and belong to Nattie~

"You are a beautiful soul. May you rest in peace."

10x10 acrylic on wood, sold

"A strong protector and a loving friend!"

10x10 acrylic on wood, sold

Friday, July 8, 2016

July 8, "Chi Chi"

And now it is FRIDAY!  And this is Chi Chi!  I really loved this photo, with that look on her face and that pinky nose and lips... isn't she CUTE?!?

Little blurb about Chichi, we rescued her a year ago July 5th, she loves to sit on a lap and put her arms around your neck!

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold~

Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7, "Georgie!"

It seems like every year when I do this project, I have a certain kind of dog show up, and this year it seems to be fluffy ones!  And here is another!  Yay!

And a note from his owner, my friend Annie!

I have attached a photo of Georgie, my little soul-dog friend. Georgie was a rescue dog; I flew to North Carolina to get him. When his foster mom brought him to the airport to meet me, he ran up to me and planted slobbery kisses all over my face! From that day on, we were inseparable. 
His fluff might be a fun 30 day/ 30 dog challenge for you. ;-)

8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click here to purchase!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6, Rugby, with Long Hair & Short Hair

This was a wonderful, double portrait of a sweet, long haired dog in both her long coat and her short coat!

Rugby was born on March 21, 2001 in the Catalan region of Spain. She is the daughter of a Spanish champion. Her breed is known as Catalan Sheep Dogs (or Gos d'Atura Catala). This breed is not known in the United States, but it is very popular in Cataluña, Spain. The Gos d'Atura was named the symbol of the Olympics when they took place in Barcelona.
Gos d'Atura are bred as working dogs. They herd sheep on the mountains in Spain. They are known for their intelligence, good nature, and work ethic.  
Rugby came as a surprise for our two boys who had been begging for a dog for years. We had to make all the arrangements in secret, but it was not too hard to do this since the phone calls took place around 2:00am (here), more like 10am in Spain.  
Rugby spent the night in a dog hotel in Amsterdam on her way to Minnesota. When she arrived, my husband and I picked her up at the airport and took her to our friend Angel's house to bathe her and get her ready. We put a huge red bow on her neck and put her in a bin in front of our house door. We had made arrangements for all the cousins and our kids to be at our house with my parents. When we rang the door bell, my parents urged all the kids to go see who it was, but not one of them wanted too. Their parents had taught them that they should not open the door if they did not know who it was. My parents walked them all to the door and opened it. My husband and I were outside filming all the kids as they figured out that they were getting a dog. It was a really fun and memorable experience for all!
Rugby turned out to be the very best choice for our family. She is very gentle and good natured with children. She hardly barks and has never destroyed anything at our house. She is very smart and has lived a very healthy and long life. She turned 15 years old this past March and is going strong!

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5, "Tippy!"

Wahoo!  A lovely perky face, with a great story!

This all started 3 years ago when I found a scared, dirty, little white dog in my yard. I really wanted to keep her, but I had an old, sickly cat who hated dogs. So my brother-in-law took in the white dog and named her Pippi. They live next door to me, so this was almost as good as keeping her myself. I grew to love her and, after the cat died, I really wanted my own dog. 

My husband and I got Tippy from Ruff Start Rescue in January 2016.  He had worms and had not been neutered yet, but that's all we know about his early years. He was adopted by an elderly lady who returned him after 6 months for marking & barking. We adopted him anyway, he was just so darn cute! And with the name Tippy (Tippy and Pippi, get it?) I thought the universe was trying to tell me something.

Tippy is a great friend to us. He is spirited and opinionated yet sweet and affectionate. He "talks", a sort of whining vocalization that usually ends in a bark. He has a bark for all occasions- happy, excited, scared, annoyed - and he's not afraid to use any of them! He loves walks, treats, and butt rubs. He hates flies, bicycles, and being brushed. He's become good friends with Pippi and enjoys chasing her around the yard. 

We are thrilled to be getting this painting to mark the beginning of our journey with Tippy. We look forward to many entertaining years with him!

10x10 acrylic on wood, sold!

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, "Roxie"

And this is the one I painted this morning, in the sun, with a bit of difficulty seeing whether the colors were on or not, so I had to retreat to the garage where I was able to adjust a bit here and there.  We are at my brother-in-laws and there's a number of art-interested grandchildren around who are fascinated by my painting...  pretty fun to paint for an eager audience!
 And here is what Cheryl has written about Roxie, our dog of the day, a good old black lab mix!

Roxie is a lab mix. We saw her picture on the internet. She was at our local shelter. Roxie was scheduled to be euthanized in two hours. She reminded us of our previous dog who had died a year earlier.  Both were neglected and abused.  Both had many health issues to deal with and were emaciated.  When we saw Roxie, we knew it was time to help another dog in need.  We went to get her immediately!  Our vet helped her health issues.   With time, a lot of TLC, and lots of patience, Roxie has become a very sweet and loving dog.  We are blessed and happy to have her in our lives.  She is a lucky dog, but WE are even luckier to have HER!  We Love her!  

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3, "Bernadette Blue, Wagglebottom, Korean Pop Star"

And here is today's lovely, hugely brown eyed pup!  We're talkin' serious eye-appeal, fluffity-fluffiness, and ears as soft and silky as clouds!
This is Bernadette Blue Wagglebottom, Korean Pop Star!  And here's what Jasper has to say about her~

She is a puppy mill survivor. My twin sister got her 4 years ago, along with a breeding dog that they were giving away for free. Bernie was one of 400 dogs at a breeding facility in Iowa. She is very shy and a bit socially weird, just because she spent the first 4 months of her life in a cage. Bernie is a Dashalier.
Bernie loves Italian, everything. She is not Korean.

8x8 acrylic on panel, $175 click here to purchase!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2, "Bimo"

I love painting fluffy dogs!  When I first started painting dogs seriously, I loved painting black dogs because my love at the time was Bingo, my sleek black lab, and his coat of many shades of black, from dark blue indigo to lavender highlights, and now, I have a fluffy dog too, so here we go with fluffy love!
This was a very sweet one to paint-  getting all those little peaks and valleys of shade and light is a fun endeavor!
And here is a little blurb about Bimo, from Brad who knew him and his owner, Mary~
"This is Bimo. He was my friend Mary's dog. He passed away a few years ago. He was a very special dog. Mary would take him to work at the Ramsey County Mental Health Center & he would always brighten the client's day. "
 I'm sure he would've brightened mine!

8x8 acrylic on panel, sold~

Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1, Hubert!

Happy JULY!!!  Here is Dog #1 for the month!  I was so excited to get started this morning, I think I may have skipped a bit of Hubert's body!  I might go back into this one after soccer camp this morning...
At any rate, THIS is Hubert!  Isn't he adorable?!?
Here is what his owner says about him!
Hubert is a 1 year old Border Terrier. His favorite activities include… hurdling his brother during games of chase (of course) and swimming.  We love Hubert’s dark eyes and of course THAT FACE! 

8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click HERE to own the first of the month!