Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17, Max the Corgi!

I can't help it!  I lOVE corgis named Max!
And he's got a story to match!
My name is Max (Max Power) and I am a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lives in Northeast Minneapolis.  I enjoy walks, treats, food, barking, shedding, ice cubes, freshly laundered blankets, car rides, taking naps, and playing with my toys.  My favorite toy is a purple crying onion.  I can do many tricks (sit, stay, paw, other paw, wave, crawl, bang (play dead), and wipe my paws), though I tend to complain every time I am asked to do a trick.  I dislike going to the vet, taking a bath, having my nails trimmed, having my picture taken, the UPS/FedEx truck, the vacuum cleaner, ferris wheels, sneezing, and aerosol cans.  

8x8 acrylic on archival panel, SOLD

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Molly and Max said...

Awesome Kat! I love it! Thanks so much! :)