Wednesday, July 17, 2024

July 17, Cricket!

 Good morning!  This is Cricket! She lives in Wisconsin with my friend Rachel, and I love the enthusiasm and that little folded-almost-sticking-out-but-not-quite tongue!

I'll get a bit more of a story from Rachel later~ it's time to get our day rolling!


8x8 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

July 17, Zeppelin!

 Okay, who wouldn't want to paint a dog with that name?! Let alone with that FACE!

Here's what Kendyl says about her!

That little nugget is named Zeppelin. She’s named after one of my favorite bands and the Zeppelin Blimp because she’s thicker than a snickers. I got her during COVID so I was working home at the same.. which resulted in both of us have major separation anxiety being away from each other so she’s my other half.

I mean, LOOK at that SMILE!
8x8 acrylic on wood

Monday, July 15, 2024

July 15, Alice for JennyLynn

 Alice's owner, JennyLynn, says this about this sweet creature~

This is Little Alice! She is my seventh dog and by far the most loving snuggly, adorable pup out of the bunch. She was found roaming, scared with no identification. I took her in with hopes of finding a loving home for her. After two weeks of hiding in a kennel, she finally came out to greet me. I put her in my lap and massaged her, letting her know she could trust me. Two weeks later, I found her a new home with another Chihuahua. The day she was to leave I just could not let her go. By then she was cuddling with me at night, glued to me like a magnet. I do believe she is an angel. She was and is just what I need. I look into her eyes and can see so much love, more than I have ever seen before. I hope my little girl stays with me for a very long time.🌹 

8x8 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Sunday, July 14, 2024

July 14, Momo Honeybuns!

 So yesterday was the St Kate's Art Fair, and it was just a crazy weather day all around! I'm so glad it was a one day show- because we are now up at Camp Mishawaka, and I'm realising how much stuff I forgot to bring along! Dang- I mean, it's not like we're in the middle of nowhere or anything, but this was a very full week, leading up to an intense Art Fair day, where I'm "on" all day long, chatting and smiling, and trying not to look like I'm worried about the torrential downpour or the lightning and thunder, while standing on an incredibly wet rug with muddy- feeted strangers, myself pretty well covered with mud from my knees down.

Really, people were super nice, and in great moods, and actually looking quite fashionable in their rain gear! So many people were surprised by the weather, having heard it was going to be a rainy morning and then would clear up by the afternoon- having heard that myself, and then continually checking my weather app, I kept seeing that it would be stormy at 1, but sunny by 2, and then by 1:50 it changed to stormy at 2, sunny by 3, and this kept up the entire day. Take-down was a bit damp, and the muddy rug is now splopped on our driveway to wait til we get back to clean up, and the tent and my artwork is all carefully sprawled around my studio...

Anyway, I DID get to meet the amazing Delia along with Becker and their delightful owner Alison!  I painted Delia the other day, and have painted many a rescued pup for Alison!

And I also got to meet the ineffable MOMO HONEYBUNS!! Who showed up with her effervescent owner Marti, and I got some sweet photos of Momo but have actually done her painting from the photo that Marti sent me, because I knew I was traveling today and thought I'd work ahead slightly- and NOW I need to repaint Momo, because this just doesn't do her justice!  But I don't have the time today, settling into camp (and finding out more of the things I forgot to pack- toothpaste, raincoat, towels, to name a few) and getting ready for the week ahead-

So here is the Momo I have ready to post today! And there will be another Momo later this week~

8x8 acrylic on wood
may be up for auction! Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 13, 2024

July 13, Audrey

 This is Audrey! Isn't she a stunner? I think it's these straight-in-the-face looks that I love to paint the most, because then the creature is looking right out of the canvas at the viewer and there is a complete connection happening~

I'm still hoping for a story from Cheryl!

And I'll be sitting on the grass at St Kate's today, in St Paul, so if you're out and about and want to check out some absolutely fine art, come on over!

8x8 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Friday, July 12, 2024

July 12, Delia the Delight

 Delia is the rescue pup of Alison, and was rescued from an Amish puppy mill... I don't think of Amish as having puppy mills, but I guess there's a lot I don't know!

Alison lost Jax, her heart dog of years, and then found Delia, who happens to hold a heart on her forehead.

Can you see it?

Alison says she is the sweetest dog she's ever had~ she sure looks like it!

8x8 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Thursday, July 11, 2024

July 11, Lula!

My friend Maggie rescued Lula in Arizona, and I know she'll have a great story for her!

Lula is a sweet "baby girl" who has become Maggie's companion. In January of this year she was found near the Tucson Mountains with an injured leg that required surgery. Lula's surgery happened in April. She is now using all four legs on daily walks, making new friends and becoming her whole self in the safety of her new home. Cue the song "I'm every woman" with a switch to "I'm every dog," because: Lula has 11 different breeds in her history. She is "every dog" and she is 100% Lula."

I love this face!

10x10 acrylic on wood
spoken for!


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

July 10, Molly the First Dog!

And so we begin!

I have to admit, Molly's eyes were a bit tricky to get the right feel, because they are blue!  I think most dogs I paint have brown eyes, and it seems I have the skill for getting a dark eye to feel light, and that light colored eyes are trickier to get the depth in them~

I painted Amy's amazing cats for this year's "30 Cats in 30 Days" Project, Sunny and Shady, and here's what she said about the incredible Molly!

Molly is a mini Australian shepherd.  My husband wanted a dog and had not had one since he was a boy on the farm 61 years ago!  When, our cats, Sunny & Shady passed on, I told him he could have a dog!  Needless to say, she’s daddy’s girl… smart, loyal, extremely energetic and lovable! 

I think you can see why I had to paint Molly!

8x8 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

30 Dogs OFFICIAL LIST for 2024!

St Kate's Art Fair is THIS SATURDAY 10-5!

This is one of my favorite art fairs to attend for many reasons, one being that it is juried and all the artists are ACTUAL working artists who make their stuff and know what they are doing, and some of them are friends of mine which makes it a super fun event!  It is also one of the rare art fairs that is ON GRASS instead of in a parking lot somewhere, and so even tho it may be a warm day, it always feels cooler in the shade on that campus lawn... plus there's ponds right there where you can play with the turtles and ducks, if you are so inclined.

I'm booth number 84 again, and I'll be there all day, and I'll probably be painting a dog for the day if not working on an otter or some other Minnesota mammal!

Speaking of the Dog of the Day! I've got almost all the slots filled for my 30 Dogs Project this year, though of course there is always wiggle room if you want me to paint YOUR dog!  

I'll be painting one dog a day from July 10 to August 8, and then we'll have them all hanging at Diamonds for a month or so, and you can follow along on my instagram (katcorrigan) or my facebook page too, and if you thought your dog was on this list and you don't see it, PLEASE email or call me and tell me!  I make mistakes because I am human!

SO here we go! The Real And True Actual Official List (subject to my swapping things around at my discretion!)~

JULY 10- Molly for Amy D

11- Lula for Maggie J

12- Delia for Alison W

13- Audrey for Cheryl WB

14- Momo Honeybuns for Marti S

15- Alice for Cindy R 

16- Zeppelin for Kendyl B

17- Cricket! For Rachel H

18- Nacho for Dana M

19- Dolly for Claire H

20- Sequoia for Alison D

21- Penny for Kate M

22- Cooper for Arah B

23- Wallace for Kari V

24- Mabel for Carol L

25- Fluffy Pup In Blue Sweater for Gennae

26- Hanky Panky for Carey

27- Pearle for Suzanne H

28- Nala for Nicole A

29 Zen for Sam thru Cindy

30- Miss Francie for Mary Sue H

31- Stella for Carol WN

AUGUST 1- Buddy for Debbie S

2- Flurry for Rita B

3- Andy for Wendy K

4-Gigi for Laurie W


6- Pup for Alaina L

7- Eli for Jimmy

8- Mystery Dog!

And as always, thank you for being a part of my creative community!
If you have any questions, just reply to this email!

Monday, July 8, 2024

July 8, Yes, A Beaver! "Northwoods Builder"

 My son Max took this photo when we bolted through the zoo a few weeks ago- it was rainy and cool and all the animals were out and dancing in the rain and the beavers were more active than I've seen them in a while! 

I loved this photo and did this painting, and those ready-to-go-into-action front paws just tickle me, as does the reflected light on his belly, and the GREENS!  This has been a lovely summer of greens this year!

Oh and I will have him with me at the St Kate's Art Fair THIS SATURDAY!  10-5, in St Paul at the St Kate's Campus in Highland!  Come see my new paintings and new batch of postcards!

10x8 acrylic on wood


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy July 4th! Duckling Rescue #3

 Happy fourth of July to you!  I hope you are enjoying yourself wherever you are- we are kinda loving this rainy day!  I'm not a huge fan of loud fireworks, so I'm appreciating this today, though I am sure our neighbors will be happy to shoot all their unlit fireworks this weekend, when it is't raining!

Though I imagine this little duckling doesn't mind the rain...

6x12 acrylic on wood
tax included!

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

July 2, Slender Steps

 Here's another fawn, painted from the photos my sis sent me from her backyard in Duluth... she doesn't live far from Chester Creek and I think the wildlife like her area...

Those angles are such fun to try to get right!  This one is a tall narrow one, I love these unusual sizes!

And I am still looking for dogs, my friends!  Send me your pups! More info HERE!

24x8 acrylic on canvas
tax is included!

Saturday, June 29, 2024

June 29th, A Little Deer

 Yes, I do love to paint everyday. And it helps to have something to paint!  And that is exactly why I love doing my "30 In 30" Daily Painting projects, because I KNOW what I'll be painting every day- makes it so great and easy, well, not EASY, but it makes the process so much more smooth because I have everything set up and I know what I'm going to be doing.

And so, I also love it when things like this happen, when my sister Colleen sends me many photos of the fawns hanging out in her backyard, and I am hooked on the images and shapes of them, and so I HAVE to paint them!  Just like the ducklings!  Not done with those either!

So here's a little deer~

It's for sale on my dailypaintworks website!

18x14 acrylic on canvas
Tax included on this one!

Friday, June 28, 2024

June 28, Duckling Rescue #2

 I had a GREAT birthday, thank you everyone for all the wonderful wishes!!!  That is one beautiful thing about this connected world of ours- you can snap off a sweet note with not a lot of effort and really make a day!

This is another Duckling rescue painting~

And I'm still looking for dogs! My page with info is HERE! SO many of you sent me incredible photos on my birthday note!!!  And I want MORE! It's gonna be hard to decide with so many amazing faces- wow. Good dog!

12x6 acrylic on wood

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

June 26, It's My BIRTHDAY! And I'd like your DOGS!

Hi there!
yes, it's my birthday, and I'm not shy about saying I think it's a big deal and I like celebrating it and having people over and having songs sung to me and all that, though I can't eat cake unless it's gluten free so I might opt for potatoe chips instead!

SO if you're trying to figure out what might be a nice thing to send me, just SEND ME YOUR DOG PHOTOS!!

That's all I need!


Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Painting Victor 30 Dogs 2014

I was looking through my youtube channel to show my summer camp kids some videos of how I paint, because I wanted to show them how to use their brushes and not make big piles of paint... more on that in other posts!
And I just thought this was a kind of fun fast video showing how I paint!  I thought it was fun to watch, as badly edited as it is and all- and you can see just the top of 4 year old Max walking in, and you can see Fatoosh our cat, and beloved Gus the dog as he sits in the chair, watching me paint, and eventually collapses and naps, as I take looonger and loooooonger to paint!
I love seeing those creatures again!

Monday, June 17, 2024

June 17, Scented Atmosphere

 We were able to run to the Minnesota Zoo on Saturday, on our way to pick up mom to drive back up to St Brigit's Church off Dowling for Father Paul Jarvis' Retirement Party, which is a whole 'nother story!

And at the zoo all the critters on the Minnesota Trail were out frolicking in the rain! Well maybe not exactly frolicking but they were so much more out that usual-

This is one of the wolves!

Oh, and DO send me your dog photos!  Thanks everyone who has! Here's more info!

12x6 acrylic on wood

Saturday, June 15, 2024

June 15, Pet Painting Class!

We had such a great time on Thursday evening at my studio! Thank you again everyone who came!  It was a hoot, and everyone worked so hard- SO many great pet paintings came out!

Here's all the fantastic pets~ so many expressions!

Isn't this a great group!!!
I love having a full studio!


Tuesday, June 11, 2024

June 11, Buddy, A Commission!

 It's crazy how busy the beginning and end of the school year are!  This is my first official week of break, and it's been lovely!  We also had a terrific housewarming party on Saturday and we are SO grateful for all the amazing people who came, thank you!

And this is one of a few commissions I've been working on- I'm hoping to get to some ME paintings this week!

10x10 acrylic on wood

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Duckling Rescue!

 So we had an exciting morning on Saturday last weekend, when we found a momma duck quacking early in the morning and realized all her ducklings had fallen into the storm drain! A lovely local policewoman came out and used a special "kit" to rescue the babies- a net and a "no parking" sign, that she used to scoop the babies up and out, and we then gently plopped the babies into our soft-sided wagon and walked them down to Lake Hiawatha, escorted by kind neighbors, and all ten babies made it into the lake!

This is a painting of one of them~

12x6 acrylic on wood