Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, Sept 28... ( yes I know it's Thursday...) forgive me!  I sat up and read a book way too late last night...  so TONIGHT I work!  And here are a couple pieces I've gotten done over the last few days-  should have some fun new stuff for next week at the Firehouse Show with my lovely Art/Support/Therapy Group, L7!
Oh and come by tomorrow night for my closing party at Private Art 2: Key North!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Sept 25

We had a lovely bike ride over to Hidden Falls Park just past the Ford Plant on the River Road this afternoon, to go see the rehearsal antics for the Barebones Halloween Show~  what a gorgeous day!  Duane has been helping out with the creation of this year's show-  If you haven't seen it, GO this year!!!  October 22, 23, 29, 30, 31!
And here is sweet little trouble-making Daisy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wed Sept 21

Man!  I need a personal secretary or something... I've NEVER been so forgetful, well, I mean not LATELY...  I'm sure there are people who know me well who would disagree with that comment...
anyway, I am catching up and getting back on top of work, and here is today's painting...
I really REALLY like this one... the contrast and shadow work beautifully!
Oh and LOOK AT MY BOOK!!! in the post before this one!!!
I am SO EXCITED and I have three more books I want to get done too!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Sept 19th

My book is NOW AVAILABLE!  I've been working on getting an actual book of this year's 30 Dogs project on Blurb, an on-line book-making site, and I finally DID IT!  So check it out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Sept 18th

I've been taking photos on the drive to work again, and it is a lot different than my previous drive along 38th St to the River Road... now I can drive through Downtown Minneapolis if I like, and it is pretty fun!  there will be a series of city-scapes kicking in here now~
This one is from my drive from Savers on Lake St back to our house, and I think it is the corner of 22nd Ave and 36th St, but I have to go back and check... you can see the cross on the top of that church...dang~  I just can't remember right now which one!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday! Sept 14

Ha!  Several of you were SPOT ON!  Yes it is an egg timer!  The wind-up kind.  Ours sits on the stove top gathering grease and dust...  I wasn't feeling great when I painted it, just kinda wanted to paint something simple and it seemed to fit the bill.
And this is Boone!  for Dede, from my incredible Door County Adventure!  Feels so good to PAINT!!!  I hate when I get too busy-  and I DO  LOVE commissions!  Because they MAKE ME PAINT!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

MOnday September 12th

I'm just not going to even say anything...  I am really, really busy, and obviously painting is very important to me, and I will say that I am doing my best, which is currently pretty darn good but the focus is spread pretty thin at the moment...  and then there's these darn commissions that keep taking up time, not to mention planning lessons for my lovely new students!
So can you figure out what this is?  My husband said if it wasn't his, he wouldn't know, but my mom laughed and guessed right away!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wed- um THURSDAY sorry~

yes I already fell off the wagon-  but I do hope it is more intriguing to hear from me twice a week, and I do appreciate the support from you all!  It's just a bit too much pressure on myself, trying to adjust to this wonderful new life and have time with this miraculous being we call our KID.... so strange...
ANYWAY- here's a couple pines from the Hiawatha Golf Course-  I'll have them with me this weekend at the Uptown Farmer's Market that I have yet to let anyone know I will be at....  this Sunday, the 11th, yes the 10th anniversary of the towers' fall, I will be at 29th and Lyndale from 11 to 4, so come by and see me!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday September 5th!

Dang.  I'm going to have to rename this blog yet again...  it is just not possible right now for me to get a DECENT painting done every day, and I really DON'T want to be posting pieces that I feel are inferior.  I am painting every day, but not all of these efforts are keepers... SO I have decided that I will post twice a week, Sunday Eve/Monday Morn and Wednesday Eve/Thursday Morn.  And any DECENT work I have completed in the interim will be posted~ and I WILL figure out how to get them into the auction dealio too...
Park Ave, September

Jackson on the Dock
SO for today, a small piece from an on-the-fly car-driving photo that I actually like quite a bit, and a commission...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Sept 3-

wow-  I am pooped... got this quickie done of Glenwood Ave on the way to Breck on friday, and now I am pretty much not capable of anything else....
...including taking a decent pic of it... bit shiny there to the right yet.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday.... again....

Yes, I DID get another one done today!  An incredible, inspiring, lovely shade of blue and cream surprised me and I just had to paint my dramatic and irrepressible TAPE DISPENSER!

September 1st!

This is actually from yesterday, painted very quickly out in the backyard while Duane took a shower and Max was in bed-  very quickly because the mosquitos were even quicker...
And I will be painting another tonight...  still working out scheduling conflicts and such.  And the 30 Dogs will be coming down Sat morning, so if you want to see them again in their full glory, run over to Diamond's tonight or tomorrow for a last look!