Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27th, "Wobbly Lamb"

This one is an 8x8 and was dashed off a little quickly-  I am heading to DC with the 6th graders tomorrow, and don't know how often or when I'll be able to paint, so the posts for the next five days may be abbreviated or null….
Just wanted to let you know!
But this guy more happily demonstrates those wonderfully gangly limbs with the knees as big as their heads and the way they throw themselves around just to stay on their two feet!

SO great!

8x8 Acrylic on Panel, ready to hang!  click here for purchase info~ $145

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 25th, Memorial Day "Spring Lamb"

Yup, we went up to the farm yesterday, and I have a ton of new lovely photos!  We'll see what most takes my fancy in the upcoming days, though I do have to warn you that there WILL be an amphibian series...
This little fella was heading away, with his long tail dangling behind him~  my sis-in-law is so good with animals!
$65   6x6 acrylic on panel, click here to purchase!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, "Spring Ewe"

Wow!  Amazing how these lovely long weekends get taken over by those little daily tasks...  but I DID manage to get this painted this morning, in between emptying the litter boxes, doing dishes, sitting with Max to watch "Peg and Cat" on PBS... and NOW we're going to head up to the FARM!  this was taken last year, and I hear there are at least seven new lambs so we'll see what we see!

This is a 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang, $75~  click HERE to purchase!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24, "Pugly Mug"

I took this photo at ArtAWhirl last week, when this amazingly adorable puppy came in with a human and I GOT TO HOLD HER!!!!  Oh my goodness-  really, there is just that undeniable CUTENESS forcefield around a little critter like this!  Gosh, I think even a hungry eagle would have to cuddle this puppy!

And this one is a 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang for $75!  Click HERE to add her to your collection!

Friday, May 23, 2014

May 23rd, "Pacing Face"

Yes, I really love those goofy photos that can be taken these days-  you aren't really planning any of them, you just click and click and click because you know you don't have to keep them all, just the ones you love, and sometimes even those don't look all that great at first, like the one I used as a reference for this painting, which I am extremely pleased with!  It is a blurry, out of focus shot and I had to take a few liberties here and there, but I love the crop and the shoulder leading out of the photo and that you can't quite see his eyes as he's about to walk right under you…

Yes.  I really like to paint!
This is a 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang, available for purchase at $75 by clicking HERE!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22, "Threshhold"

I am so attracted to the contrasts of dark and light, and to those lovely humpty round shapes of bears…  the strokes I get to make to suggest their girth and fluff are so satisfying.  And that cave entrance is like a pair of curtains… is the bear prepared to make her debut?  Does she know all the world is a stage?

Hope all your entrances are to your liking!

Ooo and I figured out how to add a watermark!!!  I am SO proud of myself!  SO this bear is a 6x6 acrylic on panel for $75, and the watermark is NOT included!  Click here to buy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21st, "Spring Snortin'"

So, I thought I'd do a bear today.  I so enjoy that sense of sculpting around the nostrils, getting the shapes and bumps on that head and all those lovely tones in the rough shaggy fur…
I swear this guy had his eyes shut and was just finding his way by his nose~
This one is a 6x6 acrylic on panel, $75~  click HERE to purchase!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20th, Slide And Glide

I really meant to paint a turtle today~  couldn't find the photo I was looking for, so here's yet another otter~  this one is a little more simplified-  the photo was really blurry and dark and details are hard to see, but you can still get the sense of those muscles and that smooth pelt, and the feel of the cool water flowing over~

Don't you want to be an otter too?
this one is smaller!  the others' keep selling as fast as I paint them!
6x6 acrylic on panel, $75~   click here to purchase!

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, "In The Meanwhile…"

I was trying to think of a good title for this one, as a metaphor for being between worlds or thoughts or actions, between jobs or lovers, you know that space where you aren't really acting or going but just floating there, suspended, kind of waiting for that next thing that you know is coming, maybe mentally resting…
In the meanwhile…
Maybe a fish will come by…
10x8 inches acrylic on panel, $160, Click here to buy now!

I had a great weekend at Art A Whirl!  Thanks all of you who dropped by!  The next big things on my calendar are the "30 Dogs in 30 Days" July of 2014 Project, so send in your dog images, and the Painting Lessons of JUNE!  I'll be teaching a Week-Long Intensive this June in my studio in South Minneapolis!  June 9-13 from 9:30to noon daily, with a few afternoon field trips to museums and zoos if you like!  Let me know if you are in!  More info on that HERE!

Friday, May 16, 2014

May 16th, "Rising"

I LOVE this one!  There will definitely be a larger version-  there's just that wonderful sensation of floating, hovering just below the surface, the boyancy, the weightlessness of that position, just before breaking through that slight resistance to the sharp loud air…
Dang~  SO many colors are on this great green planet!
"Rising" is an 8x5/34 inch acrylic on panel, available for PURCHASE HERE at $90~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15, "Underneath"

I am in love with water reflections… gonna be researching this and painting a few bigger to play with these effects…
And come see these guys and more at Art A Whirl!  I'll be at the Northrup King BUilding Fri night (7-10) and Sun afternoon (2-5), just off Central on 14th, then go right-  parking may be a bit of a bother with construction but COME ANYWAY!  And on Saturday I'll be at Diamond's for the lunch hour!  1618 Central Ave NE, within walking distance of each other!  Please do let me know if you need assistance with parking or directions!
And this little fella is available for purchase HERE!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14th, "Push Off"

Sometimes we all need a little something to push off from…  just to get us going.  Dad was telling us at Sunday dinner how his hips are getting old and not helpful, and how he's used his hammer when going on electrical jobs, carrying the whole tool belt with him just to check an outlet.  He would use the hammer as a boost, gripping it by the head and pushing down on the handle to prop himself up from the floor…
Not sure the otter is using this rock for the same reason...

Come see this guy in person this weekend at Art A Whirl! I'm in the Northrup King Building, #394!
6x6 acrylic on panel, $75

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, "Paddlefoot"

Ha!  Happy's mom's day to all!  yesterday we went to my mom's for dinner and on the way stopped at the Mn Zoo for more otter photos because I need more, and the place was PACKED!  And we only had an hour, half of which was spent walking slowly in because Max discovered some beans all over the ground and needed to pick them up, and then their subsequent pods…
Anyway, we got into the Minnesota Exhibit and the otters were doing their supreme acrobatics in an absolutely wonderful manner, and Max could only take standing there so long so Duane stayed to take more photos and Max and I went on.  We stopped again at the bears because they were all over the place, but I had a hard time taking photos of the bears AND keeping track of Maxie.  Then at one point when the brown bear was making great shapes against the light in the cave (you'll see paintings of that later!) I looked around and Max was gone.
Mother's Day and I've lost my kid.  Perfect.
I texted Duane and called Duane and was unable to get through.
So, looking like the extremely distraught mother I was, I forced my way back through against the crowd, bawling out "MAX!!!!" every few steps.  I was just coming back around the corner by the otters and there was Max with Duane.
Casually, off-handedly Duane says he didn't have any reception on his phone in here.

I turned around and headed back to the exit.  We went to gram's and had pork roast and applesauce.
I was still a bit steamed…
At any rate, Duane took some incredible photos again~
And this is from one of them!

"Paddlefoot" 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang, $75  Click Here to Buy!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday May 9th! "Donald, From Wabasha"

This is the Golden Eagle living in Wabasha at the National Eagle Center.  He is quite the fellow!  I love the gleam in that eye, and the sharply hooked beak~
SO glad it is Friday!  Has this been a hellacious week for anyone other than me?  Whew!  Come see me tonight at Diamond's to take down the cats, or come next week to Studio 394 on the Fourth Floor of the Northrup King Building, just down the hall to the right from the ELEVATORS!!!  That will be a HOOT!  I'll be there Friday May 16th from 7 to 10!  Come take a peek, have a drink on me, check out all the amazing art!

Donald in Wabasha is 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang and available NOW for $75!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kat Corrigan: Paint!: May 7th, "White Wolf Walking Away"

Kat Corrigan: Paint!: May 7th, "White Wolf Walking Away"

May 7th, "White Wolf Walking Away"

Man.  Still haven't caught up with the rest of the world yet!  And did I mention I have a couple dog paintings in this really fun book, that I'd forgotten I'd submitted work for?  it's called "1000 Dog Portraits" and includes a number of other artists I've gotten to know, and Roz Stendahl also of Minneapolis has a PILE in there!   I've been at the Wet Paint "Paws on Grand"Sketchathon with Roz for the last few years- too much fun!
And I just learned that I get to have a show at the Bloomington Art Center of my dogs!!!!  Wahoo!!! Details will be forthcoming, I am sure~  SO exciting!!!
And this wolf was from the wonderful pile of photos Max and Duane took for me at the Mn Zoo last week so I would have something to paint up in Grand Marais~  I've been wanting to paint her badly!  This is a little 6x6 but I imagine there will be another larger one coming up!

And I'll be at Diamond's again this Friday to take down the cats, if you want to come watch how it's done, or heckle me about it!  6-8pm, 1618 Central Ave Ne Minneapolis!
White Wolf Walking Away is a 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang for $75!  Grab her NOW by clicking HERE!

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th, "Water Resident"

This is an 8x10, acrylic on PINK panel!  I never knew I'd enjoy pink so much!  Dang this is fun!  I am so grateful to my husband Duane for taking all the incredible photos I used as a basis for these paintings, and for the art colony and for all my friends up there and for everyone who's been in one of those classes with me because we all learn something from every encounter!  I'm a bit swamped being back at work and trying to get my work back in control…. any teacher will tell you that sometimes it is more of a pain to have a substitute teacher for your classes than if you just stayed here!  Ack!  And it is so close to the end of the year, we are trying to get all these things finished…
I am SO excited about this new body of work… seeing physical beings in another way...
9x12 acrylic on panel, $215

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3, "Above"

This is a smaller version of a larger piece I am struggling with-  still at the Art Colony in Grand Marais, MN!  I tried sticking it out again last night, but was so exhausted by 11 that I opted to just go home to bed, and instead of staying up being a night owl, I came in at 6am and painted alone, listening to Jeff Buckley, singing aloud...
Here's a view of the rainbow over the suburban when Mom stopped by to try to talk me into going to breakfast-  I'm wanting to just paint so I stayed and had toast, and now I am nibbling at smoked trout (YUM) and cheese and crackers.  I am just pretty darn content, missing the boys a bit, but really enjoying the painting and the companions!
"Above" 6x6 acrylic on panel, $75 click HERE to buy!

 Rainbow over the Suburban, 8am Friday May 3rd, Grand Marais MN~ from the Art Colony door...
And this is a piece I am liking the feel of so far... stay tuned!

Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2 more otters....

This happens year after year up here.  I arrive, paints and brushes in hand, ready to jump in and get started, and wahoo!  Something incredible happens!  I never know just what it's gonna be-  though this year, because of Duane and Max's zoo expedition on Tuesday, I am saturated with incredible otter photos.  Though I do have to say there is an irresistibly amusing Tapir at the zoo, doing amusing things as well....  hopefully I'll have time to get to her too!
Here's a few shots of the otters so far~
 This guy has the MOST intense face!  Though I suppose being underwater and having all your orifices clenched tight against the water could add to that look....
18x18 acrylic on canvas
 This one is a larger one of tuesday's otter~  I LOVE the foreshortening of that entire chest!  I gotta say, I've been listening to Queen for most of this painting time, over and over, all the albums I have on my laptop which is quite a few.  And I am just continually more and more fascinated by the life of Freddy Mercury, and of just who he was and how his voice comes through and what the words of his songs have meant to me at different points in my life and how he still speaks to me now.  Pretty amazing.
Shoot I don't know how big this one is-  bigger than the first one!  Like twice as big!  If you are interested you can contact me and I'll find out for sure and give you a price~
And this guy is the first with some surface reflections visible~  I like that, glow and shine-  how to paint that....
More tomorrow-  maybe I can post earlier... this is tough staying up late-  I automatically wake at 6 regardless...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

MAY 1! Breathe....

Okay~  I am here-  up at the Art Colony in Grand Marais with me mum~  been painting OTTERS today~  kinda can't help it-  good long drive, fresh otter photos, those great crazy little fun loving faces, and that big old body like one giant MUSCLE...  I love painting the shades, the shadows, trying to get the reflected light underwater...
So now I've got two pink canvases waiting to dry-  because I want to try painting on a different ground and see how that feels....  what will pink do to the greens and purples and browns?  Hmmm...
and I've got this little guy for you, if yer feeling otterly...
I LOVE the blues and greens!  It's like I get to paint abstractly AROUND the little bugger!!!!!
Though now I look, it appears to be greener...  hmmm...
Anyway, lovely little schawoopy muscly little sweetpea!  All yours!  Click here to buy!
$75 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang!

And here's the other OTTERS, and my pink canvases!

You'll see what happens to them TOMORROW!!!!