Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wed dec 21 SOLSTICE

so in celebration of solstice, and of the beauty of a straight-face and a sense of humor, here is a cat.  Do be aware that the Cats of March are approaching, and if you know anyone who would want to be included in the "30 Cats in 30 Days-2012" project, do direct them to this blog and my e-mail...
this is a present for someone whom I hope is NOT following my blog... but I rather like this one~  without and with the frame...

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Man, I swear I will be better next year!  Wow-  you know, I DO paint almost every single day, and those I miss, I really feel the absence~  I think the issue is actually getting the darn things photographed and posted!!!
Here are a couple commissions for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sun/Mon... I give up~ either way, it's ART, right?

...and yes, i've been just a tad busy this weekend, so this is actually a painting I did in Door County this summer at the Peninsula School in Carol Marine's workshop...  seeing as I didn't bring many still life items, I ended up using these lovely vintage black boots I'd just gotten on-line.  I still want to paint a series of boots, maybe even all the boots I own.  Hmm.  Do I have enough for a month?  I just might...

And this one is also up for auction at Daily PaintWorks!  You can click HERE to bid!
Can you let me know what you think of this site?  It has been an experiment for the last couple months to post a painting there for the auctions, and I am happy that almost all have sold, but I'm not sure whether I should keep it up or not, as they aren't quite bringing in what I would have sold them for...  but it IS fun~
thanks for following!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Dec 7, 2011

Whoa!  I mistyped at first and put "2012"...  sure makes you think about how fast time DOES go by.  I still remember learning from Sr. Agnes I think in 4th grade how to put the proper heading on your paper, including date with your name, and writing "1975" and then in January, "1976" and how difficult that was to get used to, but that "1976" seemed to last a WHOLE heckuva lot longer that "2007" did, for me personally, I don't know about you~

so here are a couple more commissions.  And I just want to remind you to check out my Daily Paintworks auctions, because noone has bid on my last two and I can't figure out why and it is affecting my attitude.  They are both starting SUPER low priced, at $25 or $30, and would make great presents, and if you live near me I'll deliver them to you so you won't have to pay postage....

Sorry, just been a little under the weather and sleepy lately.  Things will look up in a week or two~
OH and DO come to something this weekend!  Mom and I will be at the Women's Art Festival all day saturday, 10-5, and I'll be at Diamond's with the Holiday Art Show for the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday from 11-1 and at HOBT for the "Dreams of Winter" Artist Reception from 4:30-6 after the 3pm show of "Winter Dreams" which is MY favorite HOBT production, as it features the wonderful groundhogs that were present at our wedding in 2008 at the Artshanty Projects on Medicine Lake on Groundhog's Day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

SUNDAY or monday....

I swear, I WILL be back on a regular schedule as soon as life returns to normal...  whatever that looks like lately...

It's just been a LITTLE nutty, as I am sure you're life is too, with the holidays and all.  This weekend is my last big weekend-  We have the Women's Art Festival on Sat from 10-5 and the Diamond's and HOBT Artist Receptions on sunday, and tomorrow I am going to the Bloomington Art Center to set up for the Gifts in the Gallery Sale, and I end up sitting up and worrying and planning on how I'm going to set my stuff up to its advantage, and whether my prices are on, and who is gonna buy anything anyway...
so HERE is a pup from the Red Hot Art Festival this summer, silly silly dog!  You can bid on him and give him to someone for Christmas!  Go HERE! This one is starting at $25...


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yes, THURSDAY- missed Wed again...

Sorry folks!  I know you all depend on my timing, but sheesh and jimminy it is BUSY around here!  It is the holiday crush, I think... so I have a couple commissions to share, some in process~

I am never going to get over the incredible connection between human and beast-  and how much fun it is to be a part of that delicious electricity...
So these are Annabelle and Pete, respectively... I am not sure what either client thinks of these yet, but I like them, especially Pete-  the contrast of dark and light in the photo really drew me in and those lovely fleshy wrinkles on his hind leg, I can feel them....
Come see me tomorrow and Sat at the Shasta Building!  I may be painting!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Nov27!

So, this is a Shiba Inu from the Home for Life dog walk at the Mall of America last sunday~  been a busy weekend, as holidays often are and this was my first chance to paint in three days!  So I apologize to all my clients waiting patiently for their masterpieces to materialize, but for my paint to flow well and naturally I have to exercise my creative visions as often and as whimsically as I wish.  And I really wanted to play with the multiple shadows below this spry dog, belted into his beautiful blue jacket, held by the shadow arm with the leash.  It was fun! 

And you can bid on it at Daily Paintworks too! Click HERE for the auction page!
It'll be dry by the time I need to mail it to you~

Thursday, November 24, 2011

WedOOPS Thanksgiving DAY!

Yes, I got a lot done last night, painted a couple groundhogs for our "Dreams of Winter" Show, as I felt the lacking of any rodents would be quite telling, and also they deserve representation as the ambassadors of our wedding...  and started on a larger piece for a commission.  I also spent last sunday early morning at the MOA (where I very rarely set foot, but the hours were perfect and the crowd- both canine and homosapiens-  were wonderful!)  as the entertainment/live artist for the Home For Life Dog Walk!  It was much more fun than I'd expected, and the couple whose dog is in this painting sought me out to purchase it from me, unfinished!  I got to paint quickly and large for two hours straight!  What a dream!  Got to do that more often-  let me know if you need an artist to come over and paint live at your event!
Oh and the groundhogs will be at the Heart of the Beast for the durtation of the Dreams of Winter Exhibition, and will be for sale!  If you LOVE them and want them, you can certainly let me know and I can mark them sold before they even go up!
Personally, I crack up when I see them...
What a silly animal~

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Nov 20

So, first snowfall reads significantly different on the "excitement" meter for a 2.5 year old than it does for his aging parents....
Max was so excited yesterday, he had to step in and touch every bit of snow he could find on our excursions, while I was overly aware of the fact that rain had preceded the white stuff and that equals ICE and I have this horrible fear of sliding and slamming into something.  Perhaps brought on by childbirth and the diminishment of my testosterone...  which incidentally also presaged the selling of my motorcycle, if you were wondering.
ANYWAY, we had a lovely walk this evening, me on the sidewalk, Max across everyone's lawns to leave tracks and here is the dog of the evening, for auction, as is, starting at the incredible lax fee of $30,  which is downright silly but SUCH a sweet face!  As promised or maybe just suggested, the Jax, who I now realize is actually JAZZ!  So, for a shot to help send my child to college, and maybe I'm just being melancholy, you can bid on him here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday! November 16~ Give to the Max Day!

but not necessarily to my Max... he's got plenty of stuff already!
So here is a commission of Jax, a very cute and little dog, who likes dry white wines and cozy nights by the fire while the snow blankets the ground~  Really.  No, see, I painted this pup a bit too close-up at first, and my collector really wanted to emphasize Jax's sweet petite perspective, so I gave it another shot.  I've honestly never painted a wine glass before.   I like his intense gaze towards the empty glass, as if he is attempting mind control...  "fill my glass....fill  my   glass....."
Still think I need a bit more practice...  but Jax's original painting MAY be this sunday's auction....  stay tuned!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Nov 13

Busy busy weekend!  Man, but fun too~  though I was a terrible mom yesterday and let Max eat 3 small bags of oreo/holiday cookies at the Barton Open School sale, and wow that stuff REALLY does affect a kid!  I felt really bad because it was clear that he didn't have control over his emotions or his energy and he had to run and run and scream it all out~  and THEN I came home with balloons, from the 5th Annual Art Boutique (thanks Jay!) and he went NUTS~
But I am sure you don't want to hear that much about that....  so here is yet another painting, and I'll be setting it up on Daily Paintworks too for an auction!   This was a sweet little heartstealing puppy at the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club Fall Bazaar I sat at all day Saturday~  I'm hoping to get a couple commissions from it, because unfortunately I didn't sell much.  But the dogs were SO fun to see!  And I saw this pup out in the parking lot and his owner and he were pretty constantly surrounded by ooooooing and aaahhhing people, wanting to pet him and remark on him.  He really was a great little, outgoing, unafraid little beast!
So click here to join in the auction and have him for your very own!  Your friends will all be jealous~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday~ Nov 9, 2011

I can't believe it's almost 2012.... SO weird... I'm sitting here watching "Back to the Future", with all its inherent 80sness...  I think what I love most is the concept of the fluidity of time, and that things can change.  But also that those small details DO matter.
SO here are a couple commissions...
Details, baby, details....

And you can find me active this weekend at the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club on Saturday from 9-2 with paintings and cards and prints and books!  And also at the 5th Annual Art Boutique at 4901 11th Ave S!  See the flyer!
thank you!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday morning... Oops...

Sorry folks!  Here's the post from last night, kinda a re-post really, since I want to put a piece up on the auction at DPW and here is one!
I am working on a few new winter scenes from my collection of Pine City photos from last February (since we FORTUNATELY don't have snow yet!) and will put those up soon too!  What with Daylight Savings and the youngest sister being in town (from Beirut, where she works a big job! silly girl) and having family gatherings and Duane being gone all weekend to work on the set for "Winter Dreams" at Heart of the Beast (have you ever taken a 2 3/4 years old to Anthropologie and thought you could try clothes on? Ha!) so all in all it was a WAY busy weekend!  I did manage to collect a lovely pile of art to hang at Diamond's this weekend after we have Duane's Closing Party this Friday (6-8!) so stay tuned!
Click here if you'd like to get in on the auction for little Dudley here...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wed Nov 2

It is "All Soul's Day" in the Catholic Tradition, and I am fortunate to have more than a few souls to think of whom I know thought kindly of me while they were alive, and I hope are still thinking kindly of me now...  as I think of them~

And speaking of souls, I don't think I have ever really doubted that animals have them.  We went to see Cavalia this past weekend, the Circe De Soleil Show with all horses, Duane and Max and me, and both Duane and I were amazed at how the sudden appearance of a group of herbivorous quadrupeds could bring us both to tears.  I mean, WOW~  I had tears streaming down my face for the good first half of the show.  Like those tears of awe that you get sometimes, when you are just struck thoughtless by a sight, or a sound.  I have to admit that I have these occurrences a lot more since Max came, possibly because of the disappearance of my testosterone which caused me to sell my motorcycle and stop stilting.  But these horses, they were so beautiful, it was amazing.  I found myself feeling so connected to the performers working with them, as if I were experiencing everything they were~  It was seriously incredible.
And Max was amazing-  huge grin on his face for pretty much the entire show, which was 2.5 hours, which is pretty crazy for a 2 and 7/12 year old...
We stuck around for the stable visit after where I was able to take some photos of these amazing creatures in their calmer state.  This is one of them~

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday October 30th

And here is a sweet little dog on a pink rug~  our favorite little Gus-tapher, who can be SO annoyingly clingy at times, and yet also faithful, and patient, and frolicky and joyful and just all that great energy of dogdom wrapped in one fuzzy little bundle!
And you can bid on this one at Daily Paint Works!
I just really love the edges of things!  You know, the rug, the light, his nose and ears...  I like this one!
You can like it too!  So click here to go bid on it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wed, Oct 26

Here is a great smile!  Sorry, it's a commission, so you can't have it...
More later!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday October 23rd

What a lovely fall weekend!  And I spent most of today napping and watching kids' movies with Max, feeling a bit under the weather.  Had a great time at the VFW for the Fall HandmadeMN Market!  It always is a gas chatting with people, PLUS I was able to get a couple paintings done!
Here's the first, from my morning drive into school through downtown Minneapolis-  this is 9th street, and I think that's the Hell's Kitchen sign off to the left, barely visible below the skyway...
I LOVE living in Minneapolis!  And it is SO fun to actually WORK in Minneapolis now too!  Yay!
Not that I have anything against St. Paul....
I will be attempting to post this one on the Daily PaintWorks site....  for an auction, starting at $30...  if you are interested, click here!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


By gum, it sure is wednesday!  And I may have done a really stupid thing by actually signing up for Daily PaintWorks because my daily paintings are usually already commissioned.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I will just have to make time for at least 2 paintings a week that are NOT commissioned...  DPW is an on-line art auction site, created by artist Carol Marine and her husband as a venue for daily painters who want a place to sell their work on-line.  It is all pretty darn cool and helpful~  if you don't remember, Carol Marine is the artist I took a workshop from this summer up in Fish Creek in Door County MI at the Peninsula School for the Arts.

so anyway, here is a sweet little fluffy white something or other....
 named "Jazz" which I think is the perfect name~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Oct 16th I think...

SO after another gorgeous 3rd Sunday, and lots of lovely food and people (thanks for the leftovers!  I'm just heading out to grab another bite of a little something...)  I've been working on these this weekend~  let me know what you think...

more later...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, Oct 12

Hey!  Look mom!  It IS Wednesday!  And I have two paintings!  Yehaw!  Whew~

thank goodness... maybe this means I am back on track again.  I do seriously find that I paint MUCH better when I am able to be consistent, which means painting every day, even if it really isn't worth keeping.  It is the practice.

So here we have an irresistible face from the Red Hot Art Festival, with oh so much tongue!  And a snap-shot painting of my drive in to work last week.  I want to do more of the leaves right now- they are gorgeous, though I am not sure what it will look like tomorrow after the rain and wind of today.
Both paintings are 6x8 inches on panel, and are $60 each, if you are interested!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Oct 10th!

Sorry!  I tried posting last night and along with being personally exhausted, my internet wasn't cooperating...  It amazes me how impotent I feel at those times... while at other times I feel omnipresent!!! 
And now, I think I got Gus' tounge a BIT too big on one side....  but I do really like his eyes!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday~ Yup...

...but if you've been paying attention, you know we've been a bit busy in the Corrigan/Tougas household... and now Max has a wee cold that kept us up most of the night.  I think it is pretty obvious that he is our first (and only) child, because rather than just leave him to cough and whine his way back to sleep again, we both had to rush in a hover over him for hours, propping him up so he can breathe, trying to figure out what medicine we can give him, poor little popit...
Anyway, I've got all the art out in the van for hanging at the Firehouse tonight and hope to have a great weekend at the L7 Art Collective Show!
Here's another piece that will be there!  It's 18x18 $400~  "Willows at Lake Hiawatha"~

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday- I know, I did it again!

Dang!  I think it was almost easier when I was committing to every DAY, because then if I forgot to post, I KNEW it...  if that makes sense-  dang!
Well, anyway, here's a couple I'll have at the Firehouse show this weekend...  Windy Trees and Below the Wabasha Bridge~  both small, 8x10 I think, come see them in person!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, Sept 28... ( yes I know it's Thursday...) forgive me!  I sat up and read a book way too late last night...  so TONIGHT I work!  And here are a couple pieces I've gotten done over the last few days-  should have some fun new stuff for next week at the Firehouse Show with my lovely Art/Support/Therapy Group, L7!
Oh and come by tomorrow night for my closing party at Private Art 2: Key North!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Sept 25

We had a lovely bike ride over to Hidden Falls Park just past the Ford Plant on the River Road this afternoon, to go see the rehearsal antics for the Barebones Halloween Show~  what a gorgeous day!  Duane has been helping out with the creation of this year's show-  If you haven't seen it, GO this year!!!  October 22, 23, 29, 30, 31!
And here is sweet little trouble-making Daisy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wed Sept 21

Man!  I need a personal secretary or something... I've NEVER been so forgetful, well, I mean not LATELY...  I'm sure there are people who know me well who would disagree with that comment...
anyway, I am catching up and getting back on top of work, and here is today's painting...
I really REALLY like this one... the contrast and shadow work beautifully!
Oh and LOOK AT MY BOOK!!! in the post before this one!!!
I am SO EXCITED and I have three more books I want to get done too!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Sept 19th

My book is NOW AVAILABLE!  I've been working on getting an actual book of this year's 30 Dogs project on Blurb, an on-line book-making site, and I finally DID IT!  So check it out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Sept 18th

I've been taking photos on the drive to work again, and it is a lot different than my previous drive along 38th St to the River Road... now I can drive through Downtown Minneapolis if I like, and it is pretty fun!  there will be a series of city-scapes kicking in here now~
This one is from my drive from Savers on Lake St back to our house, and I think it is the corner of 22nd Ave and 36th St, but I have to go back and check... you can see the cross on the top of that church...dang~  I just can't remember right now which one!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday! Sept 14

Ha!  Several of you were SPOT ON!  Yes it is an egg timer!  The wind-up kind.  Ours sits on the stove top gathering grease and dust...  I wasn't feeling great when I painted it, just kinda wanted to paint something simple and it seemed to fit the bill.
And this is Boone!  for Dede, from my incredible Door County Adventure!  Feels so good to PAINT!!!  I hate when I get too busy-  and I DO  LOVE commissions!  Because they MAKE ME PAINT!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

MOnday September 12th

I'm just not going to even say anything...  I am really, really busy, and obviously painting is very important to me, and I will say that I am doing my best, which is currently pretty darn good but the focus is spread pretty thin at the moment...  and then there's these darn commissions that keep taking up time, not to mention planning lessons for my lovely new students!
So can you figure out what this is?  My husband said if it wasn't his, he wouldn't know, but my mom laughed and guessed right away!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wed- um THURSDAY sorry~

yes I already fell off the wagon-  but I do hope it is more intriguing to hear from me twice a week, and I do appreciate the support from you all!  It's just a bit too much pressure on myself, trying to adjust to this wonderful new life and have time with this miraculous being we call our KID.... so strange...
ANYWAY- here's a couple pines from the Hiawatha Golf Course-  I'll have them with me this weekend at the Uptown Farmer's Market that I have yet to let anyone know I will be at....  this Sunday, the 11th, yes the 10th anniversary of the towers' fall, I will be at 29th and Lyndale from 11 to 4, so come by and see me!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday September 5th!

Dang.  I'm going to have to rename this blog yet again...  it is just not possible right now for me to get a DECENT painting done every day, and I really DON'T want to be posting pieces that I feel are inferior.  I am painting every day, but not all of these efforts are keepers... SO I have decided that I will post twice a week, Sunday Eve/Monday Morn and Wednesday Eve/Thursday Morn.  And any DECENT work I have completed in the interim will be posted~ and I WILL figure out how to get them into the auction dealio too...
Park Ave, September

Jackson on the Dock
SO for today, a small piece from an on-the-fly car-driving photo that I actually like quite a bit, and a commission...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Sept 3-

wow-  I am pooped... got this quickie done of Glenwood Ave on the way to Breck on friday, and now I am pretty much not capable of anything else....
...including taking a decent pic of it... bit shiny there to the right yet.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday.... again....

Yes, I DID get another one done today!  An incredible, inspiring, lovely shade of blue and cream surprised me and I just had to paint my dramatic and irrepressible TAPE DISPENSER!

September 1st!

This is actually from yesterday, painted very quickly out in the backyard while Duane took a shower and Max was in bed-  very quickly because the mosquitos were even quicker...
And I will be painting another tonight...  still working out scheduling conflicts and such.  And the 30 Dogs will be coming down Sat morning, so if you want to see them again in their full glory, run over to Diamond's tonight or tomorrow for a last look!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 30

Only one more day of August~  crazy!  Sorry I missed yesterday-  the boys went to the State Fair with the art car and had so much fun they were late home and brought beer, so that required a bit of discussing...
Here is a small painting of Bingo at the Airport Dog Park, and a large painting of a lovely dog named Bell whom I know from the Art Shanty Projects when we used to be able to have dogs on the lake...
Bell on the Red Couch

Bingo at the Airport Dog Park
The one of Bell is a 30x40 canvas that I was working on over at the studio this summer, and the other one is my painting for the day....the paint is still wet!