Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday August 26! LOLA!

Yes, you can come find me today between 10 and 5 at the Riverview Cafe on 38th Street and 42nd Ave!  LOLA is all day today too, and here is the dog I started yesterday,

 and the wonderful gaggle of bridesmaids with the BRIDE and her painting of her dog, LOLA at LOLA!  This was so much fun!  A friend of the bride contacted me to commission the painting and thought it would be fun to surprise the bride with the gift at my studio so we concocted this plan of having the painting of Lola at LOLA!  Yay!  She was VERY surprised!  She walked into my tent, looking at the paintings and said, "Wow!  That one looks just like Lola!"  Which was my cue to jump in and say, "Actually, that IS Lola!"
She looked flabbergasted for a minute, as I am a complete stranger and what the heck am I talking about, and it was just GREAT!!!!

Gosh I love good surprises!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 22~

JeIMiny!!!!!  Dadgum it I've been in a deluge under a rock with my head barely above water and it'll be a marathon run on one foot for the next two weeks so thanks for understanding the limited posts because my head is so crammed full of things I've forgotten to do I can't tell which side I got up on!
Here is a goat I painted last night that will be with me at LOLA at the Riverview Cafe this weekend! Come see it AND calm me DOWN!!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday, August 17

So, sorry for the silence of over a week!  We were in Portland and Seattle and now we are back, and I didn't get the chance to do as much painting as I thought but I DID get this one done, of a poodle in front of my dear friend's restaurant after breakfast last Saturday morning~  WAY too much coffee there!
I do love the colors-  it is just great to be able to bring small tubes of paint and my stay-wet pallette along, though the paint does have to travel in the checked baggage as a liquid~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday, August 5th

I am up, organizing paintings and making labels for another pile of dogs who will be hanging at the Sherburne County Government Center from tomorrow til Septmber 16, so if you are up in Elk River and happen to have business at the Government Center (spontaneous wedding, registering a new car, something happy I hope!)  take a look around because you will see my dogs and my mom, Rita Corrigan's pastel landscape paintings from her recent trip to Croatia with my sisters, Beaner and Belle.  Really, someone else in my family has to start a blog too so we can cross-reference one another...


And I spent today sketching MILLIONS (okay it only seemed that way!) of dogs over on Grand Ave for Paws on Grand and here are a few of the images I managed to complete-  Tracie Thompson was my partner sketcher, sitting next to me, and we realized we had been following each other's blogs!  She was incredibly kind as well as talented and let me share her watercolors and brushes which made my paintings go a bit quicker!  It was great!  She also owns her own HORSE which of course has left me in awe...
Moe, the Boss Cat at Cedar Pet Clinic
AND I had an absolute GAS at Cedar Pet Clinic yesterday-  the owners, Peg and Dr Bailie were incredibly hospitable, serving bundt cake (delicious!!!) and lemonade and greeting guests as they came in.  It was really very sweet and I felt like a star!  It was only when I looked up their write up for the event in their newsletter that I realized I had agreed to do a painting demo for them!  Darn it~  I do try to remember everything, and somedays there's just too much going on~  not that I would have had time for a demo anyway, with all the chatting I go to do!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wow! Thank you everyone who made it to the show last night! Of COURSE I was too busy to take photos during the event, so here are some shots of the dogs on the walls for you~
Today we are off to Lake Elmo to the Cedar Pet Clinic where we are hanging a Kat's Cats show, with a reception from 2 to 4pm~  this is a different venue for me, and we'll see what happens!  So I've included a couple cats...  don't be startled after all the dogs!


The Queen Has Her Way

Gypsy View
Really, one of the most satisfying things is meeting the people who love these animals.  I greatly enjoy painting all creatures and pets, and when I get to meet the owners and talk about the life of this being, it all swings into connection and place.  And there's that intimate understanding as well of what it means to have lost one of those souls...  It never fails to amaze me how easy it is to feel tears in your eyes when speaking of some long lost friend to another human who understands...

30 dogs in 30 days

30 dogs in 30 days
Hmmm... not sure what this does-  I'm wanting to save this little post about my project- I apologize if this pops into your email!  I've not tried to do this "bookmark" option before....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday August 2, 2012

I took yesterday as a day off, sorta, because I had to hang a show at the Egg and I (2828 Lyndale Ave, Mpls) which includes a number of new and smaller dogs as well as a bunch of dogs from my "AutobiDOGraphy" Series, of which I am attempting to include a link to HERE, though sometimes it doesn't seem to be functioning... I am still readjusting to a new website after MobileMe died, and I am having a hard time finding the perfect fit.   If any of you out there have found a great, easy, photo-friendly website, would you give me a shout?  I feel like I've lost my arm or something...
 These are a couple of lovely older dogs that I've been trying to get done while working on our incredible 30 Dogs in 30 Days Project, so they could be affectionately know at the 30-extras...
I DO hope to see you tomorrow at Diamond's!  I just hung that show last night with the help of my dear friend Kris (thank you Kris!) and I LOVE seeing those dogs all hung up together!  See you tomorrow from 6 to 8pm!  1618 Central Ave NE!
Here's a pic Kris took of me with the dogs on the green wall...