Thursday, January 13, 2022

Jan 13 Another Christmas Commission!

 Wahoo people! 

Dang- I do know I am lucky to work with kids everyday- and to work with art stuff every day- and I'm lucky to have my personality and all that, and I just thought I'd share a few more of my pieces I was working my tail off on in December!  I have a few more that I'm kicking in now-  and I also have been adjusting my Pet Portrait Price List, and at this point, with how nuts the world is, I'm just going to consider Tax As Included In The Price, which means any commission already has about a 10 percent discount...

Just saying!

Isn't this an amazing face?

8x8 acrylic on wood

Monday, January 3, 2022

Jan 3, Commissions!

I've been so lucky this winter to have so many holiday commissions!  It was nearly another "30 Dogs in 30 Days" kinda month!  Holy cow!

So thank you to all of you who asked me to be part of your holiday gift giving- it really means a lot to me that people find my paintings to be a comfort and a joy, and that they appreciate my representations of their beloved companions. I am so lucky!

Thank you!

9x12 acrylic on wood
framed, sold


Sunday, January 2, 2022

Jan 2, 2022 Happy New Year!

 Wow! What a year~ thanks for being a part of it~ we've had fun and angst, joy and awful awfulness, and we've been there for each other.  I'm attaching my family Holiday Letter for you, because if you're reading this, you are a part of our family!

I'm getting some classes ready for this new year and we'll just play it by ear and see how we can do them together, aside from all of us making sure we're vaccinated and masked when together- I do want to make sure we have time to paint and a space to do that too, so let's do it together!

I've been so lucky to have dedicated painters like you all who want to keep painting and working together, and I know painting helps me keep a level heart and my mind fairly centered. That's why I call the classes Paint Love, though maybe it's time to change that...  let me know what you think.

And I'll be posting some more of my commissions done recently! Thanks for following!