Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, FRIDAY!!!!!

Wow this has been a LONG week, as they often are after a monday off.  Tho it wasn't too much off, what with Grama's funeral and family in town and staying over at the 'rents with the rest of the sibs...  and all the other little things that had happened over the last weekend that caused Max's sleep schedule to get entirely out of whack...
We are starting to get back on track, thankfully, and he is sleeping better, and his little burned hand looks TONS better.
ANYWAY this is a commission I finished last night, and another winter scene from Pine City, and THEN you will be deluged with CATS as I proceed into my March Madness and start on the "20(or more) Cats In 30(or thereabouts) Days" Project!!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It went GREAT!  with a wonderful select group of Minneapolitans braving the hour drive to come to a non-alcoholic event!  Thank god the only bar in town was just down the street-  It was really really fun~  our generous friend Eric rode up with me so Duane could stay home and put Max to bed, and we had some great conversation!  At this point in my life having an hour to talk to another adult is HEAVENLY!  Of course it would be incredible if that adult could be Duane, but Eric makes an excellent stand-in, until some lucky girl figures that out, that is...
Anyway, we had a good showing and I sold a pile of new cards of the new series and another one of the pieces!  One of my favorites, too, by the way Janet~  There were a couple inquiries about "The Wood Cabin"  but that one is for the Wood's, whose cabin it was painted in.  And two pieces were sold before they even left the cities, actually, probably before we left the cabin~
AND I got a "Singing Telegram" from the Pine Center for the Arts!  Check out the talented singers!
It is always wonderful to see your work up, hanging as it should~

Thank you all!

Friday, February 4, 2011

FRIDAY! 2/4/11

Okay so it's been a weird week as it is, with Max having surgery yesterday to find his missing man-part...  it all went fine, he's such a people-person, he had the hospital charmed before he was through!  But I was a basket case for most of the week...

"Max the Cat"

ANYWAY, I did get a couple commissions finished, that I feel good about, and you may be the first to hear it here, but I WILL be doing a "30 Cats In 30 Days" project in March and I'm starting to line up the kittys now, so if you know of anyone who would like their cat memorialized in a portrait as part of a daily painting project, have them send me an e-mail!  These will be 10x10s on masonite ($150 each) or can be commissioned bigger if desired... and they don't HAVE to be a commission either, but those will get first priority~
Happy first weekend of February 2011~
AND come to Duane's Art Show at HOBT on Sunday, 5 to 7pm!!!!!