Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24, Eleanor and Marcel!

Today's dogs were painted this morning in a brief lull when I could get the boys out of the house, in between other familial goings-on since my sister popped into town yesterday!  I do love this one, it seems I don't often see lovely photos of two dogs so comfortable together, or even two animals so obviously attached to one another.  I was a little worried about being able to properly suggest those delicately closed eyes, and I am pleased with the results!

Nate and Erin Moren a husband wife team of custom furniture adopted the short hair Marcel. This photo is from the first day they the adopted the long hair Eleanor to join their family.  

9x12 acrylic on archival hardboard panel, sold


morenb said...

This is just beautiful! Marcel and Eleanor do have a special bond!

morenb said...

This so amazing! Marcel and Eleanor have a special bond!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting of 2 special dogs!