Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23, Belle!

And this is Belle, which is rather apropo, because I have a sister by that name, oh and my mom might read my blog before this afternoon so I better not say anything else right now...
Belle has a great story too!  I love hearing about people's pets, don't you?!
Belle, a year-old Brittany, was a surprise gift to our daughter, Megan, after she graduated from college. Megan always wanted a dog of her own, and what better time, right?  Well, Megan now lives with us as she attends graduate school and so Belle has MOVED in!  She is crazy active, into everything, and requires a lot of supervision -- as puppies generally do!  But to make up for all of that, she is the most loving dog we have ever owned. She literally gives hugs, wrapping her front legs around our necks, and laying her head on our shoulders. She eagerly greets us as we walk in the door and follows us around everywhere. When Megan takes her on weekend trips, we feel the emptiness she leaves behind. 
Belle has definitely become a part of our family and it did not take us long to love her!

8x8 acrylic on hardboard panel, sold

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