Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10, "Henri and Frankie, Friends Forever"

This is a sweet one, for sure!  I really tried to pull those old-dog expressions out of their faces so they glow a bit more love~
Their sweet stories are below~
12x12 acrylic on panel, SOLD

Frankie, The Cocker Spaniel:
"Who is ever gonna adopt that old dog?" I whispered to a fellow volunteer at the Humane Society as we walked down the dog adoption aisle.  "You'd be surprised" he answered.  Yes, Frankie was that forlorn-looking older cocker spaniel (his cage card said he was 10) that workers had just brought up to the adoption floor.  However, he was completely delightful on our walk, calm, he did not pull on the leash and seemed to be smiling!!  I could not help but spend extra time with him in his kennel, where he immediately came and sat on my lap for some dog-lovin'.  He was still there the next week and during my shift I spent even more time with him.  Yes, I adopted him two days later and for the next four years I learned over and over from him that old dogs are the best dogs!  He was always laid-back, but yet energetic, lovable, and loyal.  At the age of 12 until his passing two years later, Frankie became a volunteer at a local nursing home, where the residents lavished him with love and too many treats.   Even though Frankie and I were together four short years, it was so worth it.  

Henri, The Schnauzer:I know I speak for Frankie when I say Henri is one of those one-in-a-million Schnauzers who we came to love.  Both Frankie and I couldn't wait for Henri's family to go on vacation so he could stay with us.  Even at age 14 Henri loves nothing more than to sing along with the "Happy Birthday" song or "How Much is the Doggie in the Window", throwing his head back and howling with so much gusto, he almost falls over backward .  I've been told when his family has guests, Henri makes them feel welcome by choosing to sleep in their bed with them at night.  Henri and Frankie liked nothing more than to curl up together for a quick snooze before going to the dog park for some running around time.  Though Frankie is gone now, what a comfort it is to still have Henri in my life. Some day we will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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