Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19, Boo Radley and Scout

I am saying this one is In Progress because it is a larger piece and I didn't have the time today to finish it yet-  but I DID want to post it today, so I am posting it and will update the image when I get it TOTALLY finished!
Here is what Boo and Scout's owners shared with me!
Amy adopted (Boo) Radley from a woman in her neighborhood that couldn't take care of her.  Radley was just a year old and was overweight and and went by a different name.  To Kill a Mockingbird is also one of Amy's favorite books and she gave Radley the namesake because even though she looked scary, she was very friendly.  Amy soon discovered that Radley had very significant hip dysplasia and would need hip replacements on both back hips.  Radley is now 9 and gets around pretty well on her fancy titanium hips.

Scout is now 3 and was rescued from Second Hand Hounds as a puppy.  From a litter of seven, all named after dwarves, her original name was Happy, but we knew that Radley would look out for her and show her the ropes, so Scout seemed like a perfect name.

Initially Radley really did not want to share the roost with Scout ( but they have since become great friends and playmates.

15x15 acrylic on panel, IN PROGRESS

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