Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, "Ace"

This is Ace!  And this painting has taken the longest so far this month-  I usually like to finish a piece in one sitting of a couple hours, but I was interrupted this morning and had to set it aside until this afternoon, and then I didn't like his nose and felt the background wasn't working so I had to regesso some bits, but now I love it! Look at that FACE!
And here is what his Grand-dog-mom, Susan has to say about him!

So here’s my grand-dog Ace (aka Acey-Boy). He is the hardest dog in the world to photograph. I swear as soon as he sees the camera he starts moving non stop, especially when you try to get his face! I’m sending several photos. :-D
He is the sweetest dog ever, and such a good boy. He hardly ever barks - can you believe that? And so good with my daughter’s kids, even though he came several years before them. He makes me want a Schnauzer. :-D
 He makes me want to BE a Schnauzer!

8x8 acrylic on panel, SOLD

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