Wednesday, May 4, 2022

May 4, Morning Glow

 It is now May! We had a fantastic Mayday on Sunday, in the rain and cold and damp, waiting to paddle the sun across Powderhorn Lake. It is hard that the parade itself and all the making and creating that happen prior to it isn't happening anymore. Though I'm imagining that things will be popping up as the years proceed. I need to have my April be more full of creativity!

I'm heading back up to Grand Marais again today- so there will be more morning sunrise paintings coming! I'm so happy that I get this chance again. This is the last May Art As Journey Workshop we'll be doing. We'll see what happens next year, and this has been a spring ritual for my mom and me for several decades. Did I really say DECADES?!?  Dang!  It's just gotten to be so difficult right now, to even be gone from school for this long. I'm not sure whose gonna cover my classes, and the kids are just so wacky at the end of the year.

Ah well!

Life is about change, and moving forward. Every day is a new sunrise!

16x20 acrylic on canvas

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