Thursday, May 26, 2022

May 26, Spring Sunrise on the Point

So yesterday evening in the drizzle, I asked my husband and son to come along with me to pick up trash at Lake Hiawatha. I love walking to the lake from our house with the dogs in the morning, and I try to do it every morning.  I started taking little videos and posting them to Instagram during the lockdown of Covid in 2020, and when I'm able to do it, I like to keep taking those little videos. The other morning, the one I took ended with my scanning the ground around me because I was so frustrated with how much garbage was lying there.  Some of it was left by people and a lot of it gets washed up onto the shore. I just want to pick up as much as we can.

So Duane and Max helped me clear up this little area.  We timed it to 30 minutes, because I knew we could spend hours there. And I know local artist Sean Connaughty does a lot to clean up Lake Hiawatha~ I've run into him there picking it up~ all it takes is a couple minutes here and there. Pick it up if you see it!

It keeps all our lakes clean~ including Lake Superior...

16x12 acrylic on canvas
$385 including tax and shipping on this one!

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