Tuesday, May 24, 2022

May 24th, Star Sees Into The Distance

 I did this painting of my parents' Dog Star sitting on my dad's lap in 2016 after my dad had died suddenly.  It felt right to paint it, and to get his hands so correct, it felt like he was there.

We had to say goodbye to Star yesterday.  He'd been living with us in Minneapolis because he was having seizures and would collapse because of his heart if he got too excited or ran up or down stairs, and his legs were painful for him too. He handled life better at our house with just two steps to go up or down, and mom came up often to just sit and hold him in her lap. She was up last Friday, and we brought Star to see her on Sunday when we went down to help around the house. And yesterday morning when I got downstairs to let the dogs out, Star was collapsed, unmoving, in a puddle of his own mess. He slowly came back, and I cleaned him up and tried to get him outside but he wasn't moving on his own a lot, and Duane said we should call mom to come hang out with him today, so she came up and we impressed on her the importance of making a call to her vet. And her vet was able to take Star yesterday at 2:40, so Duane drove the two of them there, and brought mom back on her own.

My shamanistic brother said during a prayer session, he was able to see my dad come down to meet Star, and that Star was so happy to see him, he was dancing around~

30x30 acrylic on wood

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