Monday, May 16, 2022

May 16th, Sky Glow at the Point

 I had a busier than usual weekend! Sorry about not posting sooner- I was able to take down the 30 Cats at Diamond's and hang a new show of all new landscape paintings- though maybe they are actually LAKEscape paintings... what do you call those?  Waterscapes? Hmmm...

The new pieces are all from my work at the Art Colony in Grand Marais, this past March and earlier this May, and I hope you are able to come take a look at them!  I'll be sitting with them at Diamonds this coming Saturday during Art A Whirl from 2 to 4pm, with some of my postcards and books from my "30 in 30" projects!  I'd love to see you!

And this piece is hanging there right now~ I'm really in love with it~ it's another morning piece from March, with the wonderful contrast of light and dark in the morning, as everything changes...

12x36 acrylic on canvas

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