Friday, April 2, 2021

April 2, Clouds Touch The Trees

 So, we hung the cats this morning at Diamond's and then I went off to Franconia Sculpture Park with some friends and kids for an outing, and now I'm posting what I've been wanting to paint since last week when we were up in Grand Marais!  Whew!  It's been just a crazy week of getting the cats done and a massively awesome birthday party and TAXES and finally I can show you what I was doing up there. Besides painting cats and going to the 1st and 2nd Street Thrift Store every chance I got...

This painting was painted on the floor near the back door that looked right out onto the lake, and Duane came in said door as I was nearly finished and Bunny the pug leapt at him in defense as she heard the door opening and got white paint all over me and the towel I was thankfully painting on and all over herself and a bit on the lower right of this painting but we were quick in getting her picked up and no paint got anywhere else except on my pants and the towel and she was compliant about being washed off in the kitchen sink, poor little pug baby~. I was able to fix the painting and Duane rinsed the paint out of my pants for me~

I had taken the photos the morning prior, when I couldn't sleep at all because of being in a strange place after not going anywhere for a year... I think I've only just really realized that. Strange bed, strange light, strange room. And knowing I was where I wanted to be, and that I wanted to paint the lake. 

Yup, I did know that!

20x10 acrylic on wood

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