Sunday, April 4, 2021

April 4, March Sunrise at Artists' Point

 I couldn't sleep because I knew the sun would be coming up over the water and I don't get to see that often and that was why we'd come and I wanted to make sure I was up in time to see it so I kept waking and falling asleep again, like a kid waiting for Christmas. And finally I got up and wrote in my journal while waiting for the sun, and then I bundled up and went off, with just one dog, because three is a bit much and I knew I wanted to be taking photos and it was REALLY cold and windy and cloudy but the sun was kind and made an appearance with lots of clouds for drama! The color was amazing!  And I painted cats and lakes for the rest of our time in Grand Marais, and now I'm able to show you because the cats are done and hanging at Diamond's!


12x24 acrylic on wood
$648 tax inc

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