Monday, April 5, 2021

April 5, Morning Light, March, Artists' Point

 And this is another one of the ones I painted up at the East Bay Hotel, with snow and rain and hugely crashing waves right outside our door! What's not to love!

The light was really terrible in the room I was painting in, but I'm so happy with this translation. I think this is my favorite of the group I did up there. 

It's a lot more abstract and brightly colored than I would usually go, and there's just so much I still really love about it.  It's up in our dining room right now, so I get to live with it for a while.  

And when you paint on black, it affects the color in so many ways. Depending on the light, your painting can look velvety, or it can be more subdued because of the dark, and it can also shine in higher contrast because of the dark.

12x36 acrylic on wood
$972 (tax incl)

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