Sunday, April 25, 2021

April 25, Light on the Water

I really love Minnesota springs, where you get the sunshine and the sunburn and the heat one day, and then the next you have snow and rain and clouds. Some part of me loves the hunkering down part of winter. I like to read. I like to reflect, sometimes, and sunny nice days don't lead to a lot of reflection. But of course when it IS nice you are pretty much required to be outside for the duration. Which is why it is also nice to like to take walks in rain and snow. When you have the option and no one expects you to be outside, it is nice to have a choice~ plus our gas fireplace is just the best thing ever~

Anyway, this is a painting I did yesterday from photos taken in March in Grand Marais. I am so interested in that color of water.  I think I'll be painting some water from the Cannon River last Sunday too-

SO much to do, so much to do!

8x16 acrylic on wood

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