Friday, April 23, 2021

For Earth Day...

Somehow I got a bit busy yesterday, and somewhat embroiled in an existential angst that required a long walk and a talk with my understanding husband and also the application of a bottle of red French wine...

So I missed posting for Earth Day. Which is a very important day to me. And to all of us! I still have this belief that if we all plant more trees, it will help a lot. I'm planning on offering to buy and plant trees for neighbors on our block who don't have any trees in their front yards at all. It just seems like a good idea.

These are the trees at Lake Hiawatha, from last spring, when everything was turning upside down and dire. It's funny, because I now have my first cold sore of a very, very long time. When I was in college, I'd always get one over the breaks and vacations, and I think it was because that was when I was finally able to relax, it was when my stress was able to be put on a shelf, and so my body went "Whew!" and that little cold sore virus said "Yeah! NOW!" and jumps in.

Ah, life!

8x10 acrylic on wood


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