Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Jan 5, A Commission

Here's a pup I can post now!  I hear the owners are happy! I'm happy too~ you know how much I love painting pets!

I also had some fun today patching some cracks in our 100 plus old house's walls in our bedroom. I'd been watching to make sure there wasn't any more water damage or anything and finally couldn't NOT do the patching, since I'd found a cute little kit at Ace the other day, where the putty stays pink while you can work it and then turns white when it is dry enough to sand and paint.  You know how that is... when you've been ready to fix something and then have just had enough of the waiting and so you go ahead and do it anyway, even though you might not exactly have enough time to get it totally done... so that's what I did, and as I was finishing up on the ceiling directly over my spot on the pillow, I thought I'd just drop straight onto the bed on my butt and bounce up onto my feet. Easy peasy! 

Except the bed broke.

So now we're spending the evening working to fix it. Our friend Bow made it for me in 2003 when I bought this house. I suppose I should be happy it's lasted this long, with what our family has made it live with!

Enjoy the painting!

10x10 acrylic on wood

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