Saturday, January 2, 2021

Jan 2, Winter Walk

 Living in Minnesota has its perks.

One of my favorites is a sunny, snowy day, walking near water. And I can DO that here!  And I can do it today! It started as a foggy strange day, and we spent the morning getting a new TV, which means we spent the better part of the early afternoon struggling to install this TV. Because now-a-days (does that make me sound old?) you can't just plug in your TV and watch it. No. You have to hook it up to your internet and link it to your phone and your iPad and your Netflix account and your Disney+ account and your Amazon Prime account... 


We tend to watch PBS Kids a lot at our house. It took an hour to figure out how to do that. 

Anyway, back to the snow~ I like simplicity. No commercials. Which is why we watch and support TPT and PBS Kids! That wasn't about snow, was it?  So this is another view of my favorite part of the creek there~ plenty ducks were bobbing around but I didn't include them. They kept moving... well, I guess so did the water, right? 

Happy New Year!

9x12 acrylic on cradled board

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