Sunday, January 3, 2021

Jan 3, Minnehaha Creek With Snow

 Yes, this is the same view again, because there is something about the light on the water I am not done with yet... and I need to keep painting that. I want to get closer to the color I see, and I'm not there yet, thought I am plenty happy with this painting.

And as the pug snores by my feet and I'm posting this piece, I'm also getting ready to return to school tomorrow, virtually.  We are doing a week of all school Distance Learning as a way of making sure we'll all have time to quarantine if we were out of town for the holidays. Which I wasn't. But this is kind of a fun way to be teaching for a week at home, before we jump back into the building and wearing masks and washing our hands a million times a day... so I'll be testing my Zoom stuff in a few minutes here!

Hope you're enjoying the sun wherever you are!

6x9 acrylic on wood

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