Sunday, July 4, 2021

July 4th, A Gift

 So I just got home, and unloaded the car myself while my 12 year old son continued a game he was caught up in on the kitchen table, telling me loudly about it in excitement (at having someone who would actually listen, partially). Suitcase, bags, jugs of water, that kind of thing, and I think you may know I was up at the Northhouse Folk School in Grand Marais since last Wednesday, making boots with Molly Grant of Cordwainer Shoes (I made a pair of Pathfinders two years ago, on my birthday and had such a great time!). Having already taken one class with Molly, I knew it was a full-day commitment, and that it was also physically demanding- especially the lacing of the sole to the body of the shoe.  As a matter of fact, I think I was so tired yesterday as I did the final few holes at 5:20pm (class goes from 9 to 5, but Molly is always in by 7:30, and usually is still there til 6pm...) that I'm lucky I thought to walk back up the hill to my friend's house where I was staying, much less remember to take a photo or two...  

As I just mentioned, I was invited to stay at our friend Andy's house, after we saw him in March when we were up earlier in the year and I was talking about the class and finding a place to stay. And he was serious!  So I had a great, quiet, cool, beautiful (did I mention Andy is a wood worker and carpenter?) place to stay, and it was so... so... soothing.  Like taking a deep breath. Well,  like sitting by that big lake and not thinking about anything.

And this is the painting Andy liked. So it's still up there!

6x12 acrylic on wood

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