Thursday, July 15, 2021

July 15, Sunset Fresh Morning

 Okay, shoot, I can't remember how big this one is, and it's at the studio... I'm going to guess its an 8x10, though it may be a 9x12 or 11x14, which means you may be getting a bigger painting for the price of a small one, maybe...

And I have to say, wow. I like to be busy and involved and to have lots of stuff going on and the past year and a half has been really hard for that, and things are starting to really pop now!  We had so many fun things happening recently, like my birthday (THANK YOU everyone who came to that!!!!!) and then we had a family gathering because my beloved uncles were in town, and then I went and made boots in Grand Marais (thank you ANDREW and thank you SUZANNE!) and then we had an incredible amazing unbelievably story-book like Gallery Opening!!!!

So thank you!

And this painting is for sale as an 8x10, regardless of how big it is!  Wahoo!

8x10 (maybe) acrylic on wood

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