Thursday, July 22, 2021

July 22, The Dock

We had an incredible opportunity to spend some time as a family up north this summer, at Camp Mishawaka, and this is the dock. We were supposed to be up here last summer for two weeks, but because of Covid, camp was cancelled. Happily, we were invited to pop up here and hang out for a few days last August, so we could see what the place was like. Max loved it! He caught fish, we saw an otter, I painted some trees...

This year we are here for a month, and it has just started. Wow. I have been WAY walking my 10000 steps a day PLUS, and we are on the move every day from morning til night. It is beautiful and green, and we have Bunny up here too, and Duane is King of Crafts for the Boys Camp, and I am Queen Of Crafts (or maybe Witch, if you are a Terry Pratchett reader!) for the Girls Camp. Max is embedded in his own little squad of boys and is loving it and growing daily. We get glimpses of him here and there when he charges in to give Bunny a tumble and a squeeze!

I'm painting too, and this one is a plein air of the dock from Tuesday night~ been a bit busy!  And I'll be painting the first 15 dogs from up here!  I've got a studio space set up in our cabin. I'll send pics of that too.

AND lucky us! My niece Melissa and her new husband Josh are housesitting for us while they wait for their new home to be move-in-able! Whew!

6x12 acrylic on wood

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