Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1, Mochi! Track29! and OFFICIAL LIST!

And with the start of September, I am starting my "Paws & Portraits" at Track29 Project~  I've included the OFFICIAL LIST at the end of this e-mail, which is subject to change as my artistic whims proceed through this project~
 And this is Mochi!
For some reason, Mochi's name just calls for an exclamation mark!
Mochi lives at Track29 and here is a little story from her owner, Wonhee!

"I had 2 jindo dogs that look just like Shiba Inu but bigger in size. When I first saw Mochi, I thought they came back alive. She was owned by a Shiba Inu breeder in Black Earth, WI and the owner wanted to keep the baby Shiba Inu for future breeding purposes. I drove back and forth for 4 hrs for the total of 3 times and finally was able to adopt the puppy. I named the little 8 week old Shiba Inu Mochi. Mochi is a Japanese word meaning “rice cake”. I wanted to find a name that is Japanese origin and easy to call.  Mochi is now 2yr and 2mo old. She is a sweet little dog but she behaves more like a cat, in many ways."

 10x10 acrylic on cradled wood, $275 contact me for purchase info!

the OFFICIAL LIST for TRACK29: Paws and Portraits

9-1- Mochi for W.L.
9-2- Sebastian for Jenna
9-3- Mork for Michaela
9-4- Willy for Ellen
9-5- Lenin for Jocelin
9-7- Bella and Jackson for Jennifer
9-8- Ava for Eric
9-9- Nora for Brittney
9-10- Athena for Jordon
9-11- Shadow for Jeff
9-12- Finley for Matt
9-13- Toby for Colin
9-14- Ruby for Brian
9-15- Grom for Denis
9-16- Riley for Emily
9-17-Jett for Joel
9-18- Indi for Cass
9-19- Sophie for Jennifer
9-21- Pappy for Jasmine
9-22- Nani for Hilary and Scott
9-23- Tulip & Gitta for Sarah
9-25- Emma for Jan & Dave
9-27- Prince Charles for Ross

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