Sunday, September 4, 2016

September 4, Willy!

Isn't he CUTE?!
And here's what Ellen says about him~

My Willy is my special little buddy. I adopted him in 2011, when he was 7 years old. He had been deemed “unadaptable” by the Humane Society in Ohio because he was so timid. When I first rescued him, he would sit in his bed across the room and eye me warily. Slowly, through belly rubs and treats, he came to love his mama :)

Willy is the quirkiest guy. He does not do ANYTHING he doesn’t want to do. If you try to get him to move—tough luck—he will plant himself in place! This goes for getting in the car, getting a bath, and so many other things…

Willy is a classic beagle. He lives by his nose and will eat ANYTHING. Despite his destruction of a laundry list of my things over the years (2 pairs of shoes, a book, a leather purse, countless rolls of paper towels, a million pieces of paper)…he’s the best part of my day. 

10x10 acrylic on cradled wood, $275  click here to purchase!

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