Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 22, Nani for Hilary and Scott!

Nani is a super sweet and very active dog whom I had the pleasure of also meeting in the lobby of Track29!  Her owners, Hilary and Scott, were also super sweet and very active!  Great combination!
Here's what they say about their sweet dog~

“Nani is a foster rescue from Kentucky through Safe Hands Animal Rescue! She loves hiking, swimming, and she is easily identifiable by her spotted feet and her constantly wagging white periscope tail. Adopting her was one of our best decisions and we encourage anyone interested in getting a dog to adopt a rescue.”

And I loved painting the light across her face, those wonderful crazy highlights and shifts of color~  and that concrete floor at Track29 just lends itself to amazing grey tones!

10x10 acrylic on cradled panel, $275 click here for purchase info!  Though you'll have to wait till after the show at Track29 comes down to get your paining!

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