Saturday, May 1, 2021

Sunrise on Northern Shores

 Happy first of May! It sure felt like it in Minneapolis! Actually, it felt more like June 1st with over 80 degrees... our poor pug was panting all day, and Max was complaining after lounging in the sun for an hour, saying it feels like when we're in Florida, and he loves it there but not here. We did remedy it a bit with the sprinkler for running through out front.

I'll be hanging this painting along with a few more of my newest pieces at Diamond's tomorrow for a group show I'm calling "Nature Observed". I've got four of my Paint Love students joining me in the exhibition, with some of their favorite pieces as well. And it'll be Art-A-Whirl the weekend of May 13th so I wanted some fun stuff up for that- not sure exactly what will be happening around town, and I have an on-line shop I've set up through NEMAA's online thingie...

I like the direction this work is going~

20x16 acrylic on wood
$700 tax included

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