Sunday, May 2, 2021

May 2, Minnehaha Creek and 16th Ave

 This piece is (hopefully!) hanging at TractorWorks Gallery in the North Loop, at the OPM Member Show~ whew! "Outdoor Painters of MN" is the group, and this is from a piece I painted last fall on site while standing literally (or is it figuratively?) IN the creek. I love the bridges. They are solid, old looking, and look like they belong there. And like they'll be there for a long long time. I like that.

So this one is the studio version I painted from the "In The Field" one, which is where you do a "field study" (sometimes while actually IN a field) and then bring it back and create a larger painting in the studio.  At least, that's my understanding of what I was told.

I'm pretty happy with it. It is always tough leaving them alone- like getting those leaves all along the bottom was tough. I wanted them to feel like very quick brush strokes, and it was hard to know when to just stop. Which is usually sooner rather than later.

12x24 acrylic on canvas

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