Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sidewalk Chalk Blessings...

It's been a bit tricky trying to paint with feeling like I should be doing something bigger, like volunteering and donating and getting groceries to people. And it's also been a bit traumatic, waiting to see what else might happen.  I was honestly afraid this weekend would be like last weekend, with sirens and racing cars and fires and gunshots, but it's been amazingly peaceful, with a giant Rose moon.
I drew chalk hearts in front of our house and our neighbor's houses up and down our block on Friday. I needed to do someting creative and was having a hard time settling on anything, but these felt so good. They felt like a spell or a wish or a blessing... protection, of love...
And then I was able to paint during our FFPP Zoom meeting, which went longer than expectd and had participants from 4 different states- I love community, no matter what form it takes!
This is one of the paintings.

6x12 acrylic on wood
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