Thursday, June 18, 2020

6/18 Free Grapefruit!

Hi everyone!
I'm teaching an online class to some of my school students for a summer camp, and this is the demo I painted for them the other day, and I figured it's time to give away ANOTHER painting!
This time, I'll draw a name from a hat of everyone who makes a comment on Facebook or Dailypaintworks or Instagram!

Seeing as how these things happen, like breaking a glass in our house, there will probably be another one next week too~
So Duane broke one of my wine glasses on Tuesday, I broke my favorite Dia Des Los Muertes glass yesterday, and Max just broke a water glass after supper tonight... so you know, that saying that things happen in threes...

SO I'm saying there'll be another freebie soon!
OH and I'm working really hard on something I'm hoping to launch by my birthday!  HEE!

6x6 acrylic

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