Wednesday, June 10, 2020

6/10 Light Breaks Through

It's much cooler here in Minneapolis today- I'm in one of those slumps I fall into occasionally, when I feel "at loose end" because I don't have every minute scheduled. I am often too busy, but I have found that being busy means I get things done. This week, I am finding stretches of time where I don't know what to do with myself. I don't mean that there aren't things I SHOULD be doing- there's always toilets to be cleaned and windows to be washed and cupboards to be cleared out, but I sit with this expanse of art-fair-less summer in front of me, and I'm slightly stunned.
I'm also trying to frame a new Advanced Painting Cohort/Buddy/Critique Series of Lessons, and I'm possibly procrastinating...
One thought I've had is to open an Etsy shop of some of my smaller work and post those at a bit of a discount since those are what I usually sell the most of at my events..
Anyway, this is from a swampy area outside of Duluth, and made me think of Tom Thomson...
14x18 acrylic on canvas
usually $504 but now

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