Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Stoodley Pike, Todmorden, Yorkshire

I was hoping I was on a roll again, and could keep posting every day... I would like to get 365 posts in a row, at some point.  Wouldn't that be something?
But I was pooped yesterday by 7pm- it's funny how much energy playing with kids and art all day can take!
So this is my landscape painting I started at my Holiday Landscape One-Day Class back in December.  The little pokey thing way back on the down is Stoodley Pike, a very big and familiar landmark visible from all over the place when we go visit our friends in England.  Here's a link with more info about it, because I find it fascinating.  Duane and Jonny walked up to it on one of our last days there, in June of 2017.  I wanted to paint a series of paintings of it, because it's just so obvious and always there.
So there are more in the works!
I'm particularly happy with the variety of vegetation I was able to depict in the foreground.  This photo was taken on my daily walk up behind the Old Chapel School House where we were staying.  It's an Airbnb!  If you ever want to stay there, I'd highly recommend it!

12x24 acrylic on 1.5 inch cradled wood

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