Sunday, January 20, 2019

1/20 Winter Blues AUXCTION

You know, I think I'm just gonna not worry about posting every day.
Winter is tough. It's cold, which is tiring, and sleeping is a lovely way to spend your time. And yes, I am painting too~
This one is another near abstraction, to me anyway.  It is possibly a study for a larger work-  we'll see where I go with this idea-  It's all that color that shows up in the snow, you know!  Just amazing.  And we have more sunshine the last few days, which always helps with the energy, and I just got a new pair of snow boots too- going on an adventure this week with my 7th graders up to Wolf Ridge and needed better boots-  Maybe I'll do some boot paintings too~
And thank you all of you who've been jumping into the auctions!  I'd really rather these paintings go to people who'd like them, and it also helps me contribute to the DNR!

6x6 acrylic on wood
$35 starting bid!

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