Monday, January 28, 2019

Max's Duluth Sunset Shot

Max took this photo from a pull-over spot just before Brighton Beach as we headed home from the GLA on Saturday evening- he was looking in the side mirror a lot, commenting on how beautiful it was~  "Holy COW!" kinda thing...
It is rather chilly here- and so we have no school for the next two days.  We're still loving our gas fireplace but I'm feeling a little worried and think we should turn on the good old reliable furnace.  I'm also thinking we do need to have some kind of furnace in the house, and that this beautiful fireplace won't work be as all-encompassing as I'd hoped...
This one is a 9x12-  I'm rather pleased with it, though I still consider it a "study", so I'm making this one an auction as well~

9x12 acrylic on wood
$216 ...
Though yes, let's do an auction!
$60 starting bid-

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