Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7, Jelly!

SO, this is the first version of Jelly... I have to admit I am not happy with her-  I mean, with the painting... it just isn't catching what I think is the truth of this kitty...
SO when I have more time tomorrow (today has been longer and busier than my usual workday and I didn't get to put as much attention into this as I'd like!) I want to try another version of the many photos Kris sent me!  We'll see~
Here's what Kris says about her bright eyed pussy cat!

'Jelly has complex and beautiful markings, a tiny little squeak of a meow and a big heart. What she lacks in street smarts she makes up for in playfulness. She charmed Dan with her good looks and easy-going attitude, and is slowly winning over her big kitty sister, Carlos. The only thing she loves more than playing, is snuggling!'

And Kris gave me permission to publish this video-  a kitty video!  Be prepared for some saturday night partying!

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kris said...

We love the painting of Jelly!!! :) and it's exciting to know you might do another one too!! Yay!! :) Thank you!!